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Statement of Sho-Deen Construction Co. regarding its development plans in the town of Delavan

(Published April 23, 2007, 2:16.m.)

Given the changes already made and still pending on the Delavan Town Board, Sho-Deen Construction Co. is re-evaluating plans for its proposed Jackson Creek development project in the town of Delavan.

The residents of the town have voiced their desire for a new direction in leadership. Respecting the results of the recent election and the events that followed, Sho-Deen will wait for the new town chairman and board members to establish their internal organization and policies before moving ahead. We look forward to working with the new board and learning its vision for the future of the town.

The original Jackson Creek project put forth by Sho-Deen in 2005, and modified several times since, is dead. We will introduce a new proposal at an undetermined future date. This new proposal will be designed to address concerns raised by town residents over the past year, and to create a vibrant, attractive community that all can be proud of.

Our goal remains the same: To work with town leaders to plan long-term, stable development that will allow the town to control its own destiny. If we have any misgivings about our original plan, it is that many residents might not have understood that the proposed development would have occurred over a long timeframe. We believe in orderly growth that will help the town of Delavan remain a prosperous, viable community. We look forward to a bright future with the town's leaders and all its residents.


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