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County seeking interim treasurer

Mike Heine/The Week

(Published April 18, 2007, 10:01 a.m.)

The search for a new Walworth County treasurer will use the "help wanted" pages.

Walworth County is seeking a replacement for Kathy DuBois, who retired last month after 10 years at the post and 28 years with the county.

The county executive committee decided Tuesday to post the position and hire a replacement until the election in November 2008.

Holding a special election this November, which was an option, would be costly, County Administrator David Bretl said.

Applications for the position, which pays about $56,000 annually, will be due by May 18.

DuBois will stay on as treasurer until May 31.

Deputy Treasurer Ann Weber will take on the treasurer's duties if a replacement is not found before then. She was originally slated to fill DuBois' role, but later decided not to switch jobs.

A new treasurer would be elected in November 2008 and start his or her term in January 2009.



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