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Walworth State Bank names mortgage officer

Stritt has extensive background

(Published April 10, 2007, 4:02 p.m.)

Walworth State Bank, 105 State Road 67, Walworth, 275-6154, welcomes Rebecca Stritt as a mortgage loan officer.

Stritt has extensive background experience in making all kinds of residential mortgages from one to four units. Walworth State Bank is happy to have someone with Stritt's expertise, as she is able to put almost any mortgage package together.

She will be bringing new products to the Walworth State Bank including reverse mortgages, FHA and almost any other viable mortgage that a person may need. She even has the ability to work on credit repair and put your finances in order to enable you to qualify for a mortgage. Feel free to stop by and meet Stritt or give her a call at 275-1531.


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