Adding adventure to dating

Online hook-ups can't touch the real thing

by Donna Lenz Wright /theWeek

(Published Feb. 26, 2007, 10:38 a.m.)

Blind dates are OK, sometimes. But most of the time they make for a very long evening.

Singles bars don't even exist anymore.

Online dating sites have become the way for singles to meet other singles looking for relationships. It seemed like such a good idea--trolling online dating sites to look for available singles by the hundreds rather than the three or four people you could meet in a month at the most through traditional dating.

The problem? Many people are finding that "smokes or drinks occasionally" really means daily; "enjoys fine food" really means they cover everything in barbecue sauce; or "enjoys adventure" really means a good football game on TV.

There really is nothing like personally meeting someone to get an idea of what they are really like.

"Online everyone says the same thing because they're trying to impress you," said Angie Clark of Williams Bay.

Clark and her friend and classmate, Suzy Pollard, have concluded that they can bring the age-old dilemma of singles meeting singles back to the real world and trump the online dating craze right off the board.

They call it Adventure Dating, and it could possibly turn the Walworth County area dating scene on its ear.

It started as a survey they are taking for a class they both are enrolled in at the George Williams College of Aurora University in Williams Bay. The survey was to gather information from area singles about how they go about meeting other singles.

From that, Adventure Dating was formed.

"We knew we wanted to be out there, experience life and recreation and be around people who like to live and be in the real world," Clark said.

So it just follows that if there are two singles who feel this way, there must be more.

"In this area there is a lot of opportunity for recreation, but half the battle is who do you go with. With Adventure Dating, it's comfortable for people to participate, yet we have the benefit of possibly meeting someone to date."

They're planning to start with one adventure date a month with activities such as a murder mystery, skiing, a cooking class, wine tasting, a speed dating evening or attending a sporting event--or whatever they get for feedback from their survey and March 2 kick-off event.

"It's a way to get people from behind their computers and out into the world," she said. "It provides a comfortable atmosphere and a structured activity. People can bring their other single friends, then they don't have to put themselves out there by themselves.

"People can get some social interaction going and if people hit it off, then great."

The target population, at least to begin with, is singles 25-35 years old, who are interested in adventure, within a 50-mile radius of Lake Geneva.

Clark and Pollard are very enthusiastic about their new venture, and look forward to it increasing as the weather changes.

"Meeting in person brings out people's unique personalities and is still a safe environment."

The first event, scheduled for March 2, is a mystery adventure starting at Harpoon Willies, 10 W. Geneva St., Williams Bay, at 7 p.m. For the first hour there will be ice-breaking activities, then at 8 p.m. the party bus will arrive to take the crew off for their adventure.

To complete a survey or to sign up for the March 2 adventure date, e-mail

What: Adventure Dating

When: March 2, 7 p.m.

Address: Harpoon Willies, 10 W. Geneva St., Williams Bay



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