Hunting on Huber time nets stiff sentence

Fifth-offense OWI adds to prison time

By Mike Heine/The Week

(Published Feb. 14, 2007, 9:38 a.m.)

People sentenced to the Walworth County Huber Dorm often have work release privileges.

"Privileges" is the operative word in that sentence, and one inmate scoffed at them, a judge said.

Prison was ordered Friday for a man convicted of hunting deer without a license while out of the Walworth County Huber Dorm on work-release.

Scott J. Kramer, 23, Burlington, was serving time in November 2005 with work-release for a fourth-offense drunken driving charge. Officials say he went deer hunting three times without a license and used another man's deer tag, all while he was out of jail on work-release.

In April 2006, Kramer was picked up for a fifth-offense drunken driving, a felony offense he committed while without a driver's license.

He pleaded guilty to drunken driving, hunting without a license and using another's hunting license. He was sentenced by Walworth County Judge John Race on Friday to two years prison.

"Licenses to him are just a bother, something I suspect (that) to him, only wimps bother with," Race said. "He doesn't have a hunting license and doesn't bother getting one. He doesn't have a driver's license, and doesn't bother getting one."

Race said Kramer is "simply a scofflaw." He also sentenced Kramer to three years extended supervision for the fifth drunken driving offense, and fined him more than $1,800 for the hunting violations.

Race also barred Kramer from hunting, fishing, trapping or snowmobiling.

Defense attorney John Dade noted that Kramer, despite his drinking, was gainfully employed and earned a good wage.

"The way he (the assistant district attorney) makes it sound, excuse my language, is that I'm a (explicative) up. I'm not. I go to work every day," Kramer told the judge.


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