Biographies of the 2007 Walworth County Board

photo: Walworth County Board

By Mike Heine/The Week

(Published Feb. 2, 2007, 9:38 a.m.)

Robert W. Arnold
Age: 76
Education: Elkhorn High School, law degree from UW-Madison
Occupation: Retired (formerly an attorney, general practice)
Year elected: 1996

Dorothy C. Burwell
Age: 65
Education: Big Foot High School
Occupation: Retired (former legal secretary and town of Delavan clerk)
Year elected: 1997 (appointed)

Margaret C. Downing
Age: 61
Education: high school graduate, some college courses
Occupation: Retired (formerly owner and president of San Jamar, a manufacturing company in Elkhorn)
Year elected: 2004

Jerry Grant
Age: 69
Education: Whitewater High School, some college courses
Occupation: Retired (formerly city of Whitewater police officer)
Year elected: 1998

Joseph C. Guido Sr.
Age: 74
Education: Harrison High School (Chicago), some college courses
Occupation: Retired (formerly on the Chicago Board of Education staff in a behavioral disorder school), part-time concierge at Lake Lawn Resort
Year elected: 2002

Randy A. Hawkins
Age: 37
Education: Tremper High School (Kenosha), supervisory management degree from Gateway Technical College
Occupation: Operations manager for Southern Lakes Publishing
Year elected: 2004

Larry D. Hilbelink
Age: 60
Education: South High School (Denver), some college courses
Occupation: Retired (formerly Walworth County sheriff's deputy), part-time teaching assistant at Elkhorn Area High School.
Year elected: 2002

Kathy Ingersoll
Age: 62
Education: Elkhorn High School, nursing degree from UW-Madison
Occupation: Retired (formerly nurse at Lakeland Hospital and Lake Geneva Medcal Center). Volunteers for multiple community and church organizations
Year elected: 2006

Joyce Ketchpaw
Age: 69
Education: Elkhorn High School, bachelor's degree in education from UW-Whitewater, master's degree in social work from UW-Madison, 24-post graduate credits in variety of courses
Occupation: Retired (formerly a social worker)
Year elected: 2002

Daniel G. Kilkenny
Age: 50
Education: Delavan-Darien High School, bachelor's degree in economics from UW-Madison, law degree from UW-Madison
Occupation: Attorney
Year elected: 2006

Richard Kuhnke Sr.
Age: 62
Education: Delavan-Darien High School
Occupation: Farmer
Year elected: 1994

Alan Kupsik
Age: 52
Education: Mount Carmel High School (Chicago), associate's degree in heating/air conditioning from Triton College
Occupation: owner of Correct Consulting, a mechanical and contractor consulting firm
Year elected: 2005 (appointed)

Art Lein
Age: 79
Education: Whitewater High School, U.S. Army, business degree from Whitewater State College (UW-Whitewater)
Occupation: Retired (formerly owned men's apparel clothing store and was a regional sales representative for tailored men's clothing)
Year elected: 2004

Roy T. Lightfield
Age: 79
Education: East Troy High School, some college courses for farming
Occupation: Retired (formerly a farmer)
Year elected: 1992

Ann Lohrmann
Age: 59
Education: high school, bachelor's degree in science from Illinois State University
Occupation: Retired (formerly a teacher)
Year elected: 1994

Allen L. Morrison
Age: 71
Education: Walworth High School, some college courses
Occupation: Retired (Formerly a farmer), part-time school bus driver
Year elected: 1980

Stanley Muzatko
Age: 76
Education: Lodi High School
Occupation: Retired (formerly a camp ranger at a youth camp), part-time at Old World Wisconsin
Year elected: 2004

Pauline Parker
Age: 60
Education: Marion Central High School (Woodstock, Ill.)
Occupation: Owns an automobile service and towing shop
Year elected: 1994

Allan Polyock
Age: 62
Education: Big Foot High School, associate's degree in business administration from Milwaukee Institute of Technology
Occupation: semi-retired farmer
Year elected: 2000

Nancy Russell
Age: 71
Education: Calumet High School (Chicago), some college courses in management
Occupation: Retired (formerly human resources manager and member of the general manager team at Watlow Gordon Company in Richmond, Ill.)
Year elected: 2002

Joseph Schaefer
Age: 63
Education: St. Mary's High School (Burlington)
Occupation: Restaurant owner/operator
Year elected: 1974

Rick Stacey
Age: 40
Education: WCTC ASST Degree Welding.
Occupation: Employee at Stein Gardens and Gifts, (former farmer)
Year elected: 2004

Jim Van Dreser
Age: 52
Education: Big Foot High School, U.S. Air Force, bachelor's degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering
Occupation: Project engineer at Pentair Water
Year elected: 2004

Sandra Wagie-Troemel
Age: 47
Education: high school graduate, some college courses
Occupation: Account executive for Midwest Printing Services
Year elected: 2004

David A. Weber
Age: 67
Education: Fenger High School (Chicago), some collegiate engineering courses
Occupation: Owner/president of Mode Industries and Mode Metal Works
Year elected: 2004

Walworth County Board Statistical Breakdown

- Average Age (Mean) - 62
- Median - 62
- Range - 37-79

- Retired - 15 (although 5 still work part-time)
- Employed regularly - 10
- Range of employment - Attorneys; legal secretary/town clerk; business presidents/owners, police officers, nurse, company manager, farmers, camp ranger, engineer, human resources manager, restaurant owner, account executive.

- Supervisors with high school diplomas - 25 - 100%
- Supervisors with some college degree (associate's, bachelor's, master's) - 10 - 40%
- Supervisors with some college course work (no degree) - 9 - 36%
- Range of degrees earned - Law, supervisory management, nursing, social work, teaching/education, economics, heating/air conditioning, business, engineering, welding.

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