Homeless prevention program gets $10,000 funding

Support comes from Delavan-Darien United way

(Published Jan. 18, 2007, 9:38 a.m.)

Delavan-Darien United Way has donated $10,000 for Community Action's One-to-One Empowerment program to help continue the success of keeping people and families from becoming homeless.

The One-to-One Empowerment program provides Walworth County residents at risk of losing their housing with the resources needed to prevent homelessness; more specifically, assisting them with stabilizing their housing, increasing their household income, increasing their skills and boosting their knowledge and use of community resources.

According to a Community Action news release, program services include individualized, intensive and comprehensive case management provided through home and/or office visits to help participants resolve their housing crisis and regain stable footing.

One-to-One is a unique program because it works with people before they become homeless. A stable housing situation allows people to address the wide variety of issues that impact their ability to maintain housing. Another unique aspect of One-to-One is flexible financial assistance. This is a resource that does not exist in most housing/homeless programs. In conjunction with supportive case management services, this can be one of the most powerful means of bringing about real change for a household.

The support of Delavan-Darien United Way has always been critical to the One-to-One program and never more so than now as the program faces unanticipated financial challenges due to a significant reduction in grant funding. Donors to Delavan-Darien United Way believe they can improve the welfare of others and typically identify with a cause.

"I have always thought that it is ingrained in the American character to believe that we are the hope of the world," Edward F. Thompson, president elect of United Way of Delavan-Darien was quoted as saying in the news release. "We believe we willingly share our good fortune. We believe that is fundamental to being an American."



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