Employer offers raise, landlord cuts rent

(Published Jan. 11, 2007, 5:00 p.m.)

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year. I would like to do a quick introduction for those of you who are new to our column. As a little boy, I grew up and out of the sorrows of poverty. I made a vow to God that I would never forget my roots and that I would help others. I focus on helping children, the elderly and people with disabilities, those who cannot fend for themselves. I also give assistance to good people who have fallen on hard times due to loss of job, loss of a spouse who was a source of income, illness and other circumstances out of their control.

When I became financially successful, I started giving to many charitable organizations. My tax attorney said, "Give, but give wisely. Get their financials and see what their overhead is." When I checked on the charitable foundations I was donating to, I found they had 70-90 percent overhead. I literally cried. At that time, I went back to my tax attorney and told him I wanted to start my own 501(c)3 charitable foundation, The Time Is Now to Help. I told him I wanted the articles of incorporation to state that not one penny can be taken out for the directors/officers, for salaries, reimbursements, etc.

Since the beginning of The Time Is Now to Help, I have personally covered the entire overhead. Every donation to The Time Is Now to Help, 100 percent of every dollar, every penny, has been given to help those in need, for shelter, utilities, toiletries, household necessities, clothing, food, etc. I personally check out each situation to make sure it is good people needing our help. I cannot give hard-earned money to those who are lazy, or those who are suffering from addictions such as drugs or alcohol. I refer them to clinics and other organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

People write in requesting help, or good neighbors, who recognize that there may be a problem, bring people in need to my attention. In addition, teachers, social workers and churches refer people in need to The Time Is Now to Help.

Anyone seeking help for themselves or someone they know need to put their request in writing. Please send all letters to: The Time Is Now to Help, PO Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. It is very important requests for help are written and sent in. I take the requests in the order in which they are received. I may help several situations in a week. I only write about one of them in the column. I keep everyone anonymous. I do not give out names of those we help.

- God bless, WC

With our continued work to help over this past month, I would like to bring your attention to a mother and child whom we have helped. I received a letter from a neighbor, stating they thought their neighbor could use some help. It was a single mother and child who were renting. The letter from the neighbor stated they knew where the lady worked and they knew she could not be getting paid very much. The letter also stated they had seen their neighbor heading out every day walking, versus driving her older car that sat in the driveway.

I introduced myself and talked with the woman who needed help. It turned out she was walking to work since her car had broken down and she did not have money to fix it. She was behind in her utilities and she and her child had been cutting corners on food in order to make the rent.

The child was not of the age to completely understand all that was happening, but the child did understand that the mother was sad. The mother told me her hardest times were when her child would ask, "Mom, what is the matter?" The mother said she did not know what to say in response to her child's question. The child would then say, "I have been good. You're not mad at me, are you?" The mother would cry and say, "No, I could never be mad at you."

The mother would tell her child it had nothing to do with the child. In her heart she knew the sadness had a lot to do with her pride and her love for her child, but she knew her child would not understand. She knew she would not be able to explain to her child that they were having a very hard time financially and she was constantly worrying how she was going to provide for her little girl.

We stepped in and helped this mother and child. We brought the utilities up to date, including their phone, which had been disconnected. We also helped with a supply of food and gift certificates for Pick 'n Save, as well as an introduction to the local food pantry.

I called the landlord and talked about the situation. I explained that I had talked to the mother's employer, who stated they were giving the mother 40 hours per week and they could not give her any more than that. The employer informed me that their business wasn't doing well enough to give much of a raise. The employer did state they could give her a 10 percent raise, which helped a lot with her budget. The landlord reciprocated by reducing the overall rent by $45 per month.

Between the raise from her kind-hearted employer and the reduction in rent from her kind-hearted landlord, she was able to live within a budget to make it on her own. Thanks to the Ministry of Mechanics, for their donated services, we were also able to get her car repaired. There have been a few more communications, with the mother's spirits lifted each time we speak. As I tell her, and all those we help, it is thanks to all of you who care and hare, who make it possible to help. In our last conversation, the mother said, "Please thank everyone for my child and I. God bless all of them."

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC

Speaking engagement:

I was invited to speak at the Delavan/Darien Rotary. I was moved by this group of God-proud business people. I thank them for their interest and concern for our fellow creations of God. This group of Americans represents the foundation of what our great country is about.

Update: Combined with the coin boxes from McDonald's and the generous McDonald's Day, we raised $31,715. Thank you again to Bill McEssy, the employees of Bill's McDonald's and all of you who supported our Special Day at McDonald's. Together with Bill McEssy's compassion, we have been able to help many in desperate need. WWJD. Thank you and God Bless.

A special thank you to: Bill McEssy, owner of our local McDonald's, Clarence and Marilyn Schawk, owner of The Geneva Inn, Bernard and Jean Labovitch, Tom and Kathy Murray, James and Marilyn Dyer, Paul Ziegler, Tom and Becky Stritt, Gary and Carol Marcin, Edwin and Vera Lasco, Gerard and Barbara Makovec, David and Linda Petech, Jane and Richard Roman, Raymond and Barbara Knull, Annamarie and Grant McMillin, Steven and Susan Woodcock, Eric and Connie Vogel, Ken and Phyllis Weeden, Louis and Sara Masciopinto, David and Sue Miller, in honor of Reid Wisneski, Mr. and Mrs. Flaherty, Mr. and Mrs. Cody, Mr. and Mrs. Meister, Mr. and Mrs. Drews, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas, Mr. Luchsinger and Mrs. Olson, Ms. Heiser, Ms. Murphy, Laura Berg, Teresa Melson, Elaine Voss, Joanne Kendall, Eileen Grzenia, Barb Giovannoni, Roger Miller, Robert Mischka, Randy Christenson, Greg Fraterrigo, Chris, in honor of Mike and Karen, John and Martha, and Caroline, St. James Methodist Church, Dennis Peterson, owner of Peterson Drywall, and all of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, including the businesses that allow our donation boxes in their places of business. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now to Help donation box in your business, please call 249-7000.

A big thank you to: Carolyn Gable, owner of New Age Transportation and founder of The Carolyn Gable "Expect a Miracle" Foundation.




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