After more than a year in Iraq, it's back to work in real estate

Elkhorn resident selling real estate

(Published Jan. 10, 2007, 8:38 a.m.)

Elkhorn resident Chris Phillips had just a couple of months of experience in his new career as a Realtor when he got the call from the Army National Guard.

The husband, father and already-promising real estate agent had an abrupt change of plans after he was called to report to duty, first for training in Mississippi and then for a year of service in Iraq.

A year and a half later, Phillips is thrilled to be home and Keefe Real Estate is equally happy to welcome him back to work. While he is not able to share many details of his time serving with security forces at Camp Navistar on the Kuwaiti-Iraq border, Phillips acknowledges the life lessons he brought home. "Personally, I learned not to take anything for granted," he says, adding that it's important to be grateful for what we have here.

The 31-year-old Phillips says he saw great change in the year he spent in Iraq, with more positive conditions for Iraqis and real gratitude for the American forces serving there. "People over there love us," Phillips adds. "I miss the people I met, the friends I made, the locals who worked on the base."

Everyone at Keefe has learned some lessons too, as the entire team watched the activities in Iraq with a closer eye, knowing one of their colleagues was there. Phillips' manager Jan Alvey says his spirit and work ethic made him a good fit from the beginning, and when he was home on leave and visited the office "the place just lit up; we knew what he was sacrificing and what his service meant for all of us."

"It was a proud moment to know him as a person," Alvey says. "He was coming back to us and we knew that." Phillips showed his winning ways as soon as he joined Keefe, Alvey explains. "He picked up momentum very quickly, his clients were very happy with him and we knew he was going to be successful," Alvey says.

Phillips, who returned to Keefe Real Estate on Jan. 2, admits it may take a few months to get reacclimated, but is obviously wasting no time as he already has a few potential clients in the works for the new year.



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