Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A forum for candidates for the Walworth County Board, districts 2, 3 and 6 is planned for Saturday, Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. at People's Bank in Elkhorn.

Candidates who have agreed to attend are:

District 2--Bill Norem, Lafayette; Jim C. Simons, Spring Prairie

District 3--Ann Lohrmann, LaGrange; Craig Stauffer, city of Whitewater; Frederick Mark Bromley, LaGrange

District 6--Robert Grohall , Elkhorn; Kathy Ingersoll, Elkhorn; Larry Hilbelink, Elkhorn

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tom Lothian, candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, District 32

State Representative Tom Lothian (R-Williams Bay) is seeking a fourth term in the 32nd Assembly District.

He was first elected in November 2002 to represent the southern half of Walworth County (excluding Elkhorn) and Wheatland Township in Kenosha County.

Before that, Lothian was a village of Williams Bay Trustee for eight years and a Walworth County Supervisor for 12.

"I have always believed that giving back to one's community is important," Lothian said in a statement.

Lothian is the chairman of the Assembly Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy Committee, vice chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee and member of the Assembly Urban and Local Affairs Committee, the Assembly Workforce Development Committee and the Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nancy Russell, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 11

Nancy Russell, 1720 Fairview Dr., Lake Geneva, is seeking election in the 11th Walworth County Board District.

As a retired human resources nanager and Team General Manager at Watlow (Gordon) Company in Richmond, Illinois, she brings manufacturing business experience, along with a depth of knowledge gained in her three terms on the County Board.

She currently serves as County Board Chair, Finance Committee Chair and Vice-Chair of the Smart Growth Advisory Committee.

"With only eleven supervisors, it is important that citizens be represented by someone who has the time and knowledge to listen to and represent all constituents in this critical transition term."

Her goal, if elected, is to advocate for co-operative efforts between all units of government within the county in order to work more efficiently and save tax dollars.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

All eyes on the Feb. 19 vote

February 19 is primary day in Walworth County, followed by the general election April 1.

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for a list of candidates for the cities of Delavan, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva and Whitewater.

CLICK HERE for a list of candidates in Walworth County's villages.

CLICK HERE for a link to the Walworth County election page.

Dan Kilkenny, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 8

Dan Kilkenny is running for the newly created 8th District Walworth County Board seat. The district encompasses the city of Delavan, and portions of the town of Delavan and town of Darien.

Kilkenny is a lifelong resident of Walworth County, he is 51 years old, married to Debra, and has one son, Nicholas, age 17.

Kilkenny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His law office is located in the city of Delavan where he has had his practice for 25 years.

He has been active in community affairs and local government.

He currently serves the 18th District on the County Board and is a supervisor on the town Board of Darien.

He also currently serves as chairman of the Walworth County Smart Growth Technical Advisory Committee.

In the past he served as a Delavan Lake Sanitary District commissioner and was appointed to the Wisconsin Dept. of Regulation and Licensing Cemetery Task Force in 1998, as an advisor to the department on issues relating to regulation of cemeteries.

His community service includes, president of the Walworth County Cemetery Association, 1993 to present; secretary/treasurer and trustee of the Delavan Cemetery Association, 1984 to present; director of the Land Trust of Walworth County, 2005 to present.

"I believe in open and accessible government. My philosophy is we should make every effort to anticipate problems before a crisis occurs and to encourage early involvement by the public. If people are given the chance to be heard and are treated fairly, better decisions will be made and there will be less polarization in the community." Kilkenny said.

"A smaller board is going to require supervisors to be even more dedicated, competent, and willing to work hard to represent the new larger districts. I accept that responsibility."

"I believe my experience and education will allow me to effectively analyze and address the tough financial and policy issues facing the County. I look forward to the opportunity to serve." Kilkenny said.

Joe Guido, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 8

The Wisconsin Primary will take place on Feb. 19.

There will be many candidates on the presidential ballot for votes to choose from.

On the ballot for Walworth County Supervisor, District 8, will be four candidates.

A primary is held whenever there are more than two candidates.

The two candidates with the most votes then will face off in the general election on April 1.

The entire city of Delavan, the 3rd ward of Delavan Township and the 3rd ward of Darien Township make up District 8 of the Walworth County Board.

Because the Walworth County Board is downsizing from 25 supervisors to 11, your vote on your choice of candidate will be more important than ever.

With an elected board of eleven members, it will only take six votes to pass laws and ordinances.

The 2008 county budget is $159,906,190 of your hard-earned tax dollars.

For the past six years, I have worked very hard to try and control spending, but unfortunately I was in the minority in the passage of the county's tax levy increase of 6.12 percent in 2007 and 4.81 percent increase in 2008.

For the past ten years, Walworth County is averaging a tax levy increase of 6.44 percent.

I read and hear constantly that Wisconsin is a tax hell, so I ask you, what is it going to take to wake up the Walworth County Board to control department heads to live within our income?

We need a change in the leadership of Walworth Count where government is of the people, for the people and by the people.

I humbly ask for you vote on Feb. 19 and allow me to be your voice on the county board for change.

Ann Lohrmann, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 3

Ann Lohrmann has announced her candidacy for Walworth County Supervisory District 3. District 3 includes wards 1, 2 and 3 of LaGrange, Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Sugar Creek, Wards 1 and 3 of the town of Whitewater and Wards 1, 2, 12 and 16 of the City of Whitewater.

Lohrmann comes from a teaching background. She has served on the county board for 14 years and three of those years as county board chair. She has also served on the LaGrange Town Board, Pleasant Lake Lake District Board, Walworth County Blue Ribbon Commission for the downsizing of the county board and various other boards and committees.

"I am concerned that if the present trend in government continues that many of the taxpayers will not be able to afford to live here," Lohrmann said. "By electing the right kind of people we can curb governments big appetite."

"Ann has continually voted against big spending and high taxes," said Betty Felton, former county supervisor and resident of District 3. "She supports smaller and efficient government (and) has taken a strong stand on difficult issues, even if it was not popular with most of the county board. She actively supported the successful downsizing o the Walworth County Board from 25 to 11 as directed by the taxpayer referendum."

"Ann Lohrmann votes in the best interest of the taxpayers and all the people she represents," said Jennifer Karr, District 3 resident. "People need to know she cares and is committed to our community, not listen to the personal attacks and innuendos spread by those wishing to silence her speaking the truth."

Lohrmann appreciates and thanks voters for their support and asks for support in the Feb. 19 primary and April 1 election.

Bill Norem, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 2

Bill Norem of the town of Lafayette has filed nomination papers for the Walworth County board of Supervisors, District 2.

That district includes Lyons, Spring Prairie, Lafayette and Troy.

Norem had served on the county board from 1996-2005.

The last term of 2002-04 he served a chairman of the board.

Norem has served as director of Firstar Bank and president of the Elkhorn Development Company.

Norem attended the Milwaukee School of Engineering and is a Wisconsin Licensed Designer o HVAC Systems.

Bill and Lorraine Norem live at N6422 Cobb Rd. in the town of Lafayette. Norem is the president of Westenn Mechanical Contactors in Elkhorn.

The company has been located in Elkhorn for over 30 years and is a prime installer of Lennox and Trane HVAC equipment as well as service on all brands.

Production Line Components, a division of Westenn, installs paint line systems throughout the Midwest.

Some notable projects were Dana Corporation in Elizabethtown, Ky., Bose Corporation in Columbia, S.C., and Caterpillar in Aurora, Ill.

Norem has concerns about the direction of Walworth County regarding taxes, property owners' rights, as well as the transparency and accountability of our county board.

Well-planned economic development will be crucial for solving our increasing tax burden.

Debi Towns, candidate for Assembly District 43

Debi Towns, former State Representative for the 43rd Assembly District plans to seek re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly in November 2008.

"Serving the people of this district is a great honor and responsibility," said Towns, who previously served two terms in the 99-member State Assembly.

"I worked very hard for the people of Rock and Walworth Counties during my tenure in office and am proud of what was accomplished," said Towns.

Towns served as the chairperson of the State Assembly's Education Committee. She also served as a member on the Agriculture Committee; Colleges and Universities Committee; and the Education Reform Committee. In addition, she was appointed to fill a vacancy on the State Building Commission.

"Easing the anxiety caused by the high cost of health care, promoting job growth, maintaining great schools, and making higher education accessible and affordable are all priorities for me," said Towns. "Providing excellent constituent services has always been important to me as well, and I look forward to continuing to work hard for the friends and neighbors in the 43rd Assembly District."

Towns, 51, and her husband, Steve, have four grown children and four grandchildren. Together with Steve's family, they own and operate a dairy farm in Rock County's Town of Porter.

Towns served as a member of the Edgerton School Board for eight years. She previously worked as a business manager for the Brodhead School District, and as a finance consultant for the state Department of Public Instruction. In addition, she teaches as an adjunct professor at Cardinal Stritch University.

She received her Master's Degree in public school business management from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, and is a 1974 graduate of Edgerton Senior High School.

The 43rd Assembly District consists of the communities of Edgerton, Footville, Milton, Orfordville, and Whitewater, and the towns of Avon, Beloit, Center, Fulton, Janesville, Lima, Milton, Newark, Porter, Plymouth, Rock, Spring Valley, and Whitewater.

During her service, Towns authored numerous bills that were signed into law, including a bill which authorized funding to assist UW-Rock County in initiating a four year cooperative engineering program at the Janesville campus. She was also instrumental in supporting local control of K-12 public schools while pushing for higher academic standards statewide. She has previously been named Legislator of the Year by the School Administrator's Alliance.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Walworth County villages, spring 2008 election

Elections will be held in all seven Walworth County villages, with the general election April 1.

City election races are HERE


-- Village board: Three incumbents and one newcomer are running for three open seats. The incumbents are James Abbott, 309 Cavanaugh Court; Shane Spoo, 325 W. Beloit St., and Kurt Zipp, 120 E. Beloit St. The newcomer is Robert Wenzel, 424 Oak Ridge Drive.

East Troy

-- Village board: Three incumbent trustees are running for three open village board seats. The incumbents are: John Alexander, 1830 Thomas Dr., William Joas, W1943 Saint Peters Rd, and Randall Timms. 2501 Michelle Lane.

-- School board: One seat is open on the East Troy School Board. Incumbent Brian Wexler will not run for re-election.

-- Municipal judge: Incumbent Michael Cotter is unopposed.


-- Village board: Two incumbents and two newcomers are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Patrick J. Kenny, 785 Indian Hills Road, and William Turner, 393 N. Lakeshore Drive. The newcomers are Diane Lewis, 650 S. Main St., and Lou Loenneke, 925 Shabbona Drive. Incumbent Dr. Robert Youngquist is not seeking reelection.

-- School board: Two incumbents and one newcomer are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Wes Courier Jr., W7080 Savannah Lane, Delavan; and Jennifer Keefe, 1014 S. Lakeshore Drive. The newcomer is Joseph A. McHugh, 227 Kinzie Ave. Incumbent Dawn Ripkey is not seeking reelection.

-- Municipal judge: Incumbent Peter Wilson, 813 Van Slyke Drive, faces opposition from David C. Jensen, 738 Adahi Way.

Genoa City

-- Village board: Three incumbents and one newcomer are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Donald W. Fort Sr., 553 N. Wisconsin Road; Marc Harren, 264 Deerpath Drive, and Kenneth Parker, 467 Valley View Drive. The newcomer is Elizabeth Lyons, 323 Southeastern Court.

-- School board: Incumbent Jaye Tritz, W762 Hafs Road, is running unopposed for one open seat.


-- Village board: Two incumbents and three newcomers are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Jeanne Blain, 238 Walworth St., and Jeff Vaessen, 135 South St. The newcomers are Robert Carlson, 128 Martin St.; Diana Dykstra, 159 W. School St., and William A. Springhorn, 103 Pleasant St. Incumbent Marcus Hardt is not seeking reelection.

-- School board: Deborah K. Lowry and Sarah J. Hayes

-- Municipal judge: Incumbent Denise L. Gibbons, 175 Dougall St., is running unopposed.


-- Village board: Three incumbents are running for three open seats. They are Kent A. Johnson, 210 S. Main St.; Matthew Long, 115 Prairie Drive, and LeRoy A. Nordmeyer, 116 Weber St.

-- Big Foot High School board: Two incumbents are running for two open seats. They are Kim Arntz, 213 High St., and David M. Sharpe, 1028 Tarrant Drive, Fontana.

-- Walworth elementary school board: Two newcomers are running for one open seat. They are Ginger Arnold, 413 Oak Hill Road, and Dr. David White, 952 Laurie Court. Incumbent MacDonald Niven is not seeking reelection.

Williams Bay

-- Village board: Three incumbents are running for three open seats. They are John Grove, 430 W. Geneva St.; Don Parker, 354 Forest Drive; and Gordon Roth, 74 Upper Loch Vista.

-- School board: Two incumbents are running for two open seats. They are Vernon Choyce, 353 Forest Drive, and Peter Miller, 2521 Countryside Drive, Delavan.

Walworth County cities, spring 2008 election

Both Lake Geneva and Delavan will have contested mayoral races when voters go to the polls April 1.

In Lake Geneva, former Mayor Spyro Condos is running against alderman William Chesen. The race opened up after current mayor Sheldon Shepstone announced that he would not run for reelection.

In Delavan, incumbent Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis faces a challenge from alderwoman Ellen Reddy, who also ran for the post in 2006.

The following is a rundown of races in the four Walworth County cities. Village races are HERE


-- Mayor: Incumbent Mel Nieuwenhuis, 720 Parish St., faces opposition from Ellen Reddy, 214 N. Third St.

-- City council: District 1 incumbent John K. Finley, 201 W. Washington St., faces opposition from Donald L. Edmunds, 512 N. Terrace St.

District 2 incumbent David G. Kilkenny, 820 Parish Court, No. 6B, faces opposition from Samuel H. Riggs III, 201 N. Eighth St.

District 3 incumbent Jeff S. Johnson, 629 Madison Drive, is running unopposed.

-- Municipal judge: Incumbent LeRoy H. Himebauch, 953 Racine St., is running unopposed.

-- School board: Three incumbents are running unopposed for three open seats. They are Steve Carlson, 2151 Blue Heron Drive; Carol Murphy, 2119 Hillcrest Drive; and Dr. Jeff Scherer, 1080 Phoenix St.


-- Mayor: Mayor John T. Giese, 402 Broad St., is running unopposed.

-- City council: Incumbents are running unopposed for the three open seats.

District 6: Julie Taylor, 12 N. Church St.

District 4: Scott McClory, 616 N. Washington St.

District 3: Ronald Dunwiddie, 214 E. Court St.

-- School Board: Two incumbents are running unopposed for the two open seats on the board. Seeking reelection are Dave Ketchpaw, 512 N. Jackson St., and Dr. Edward Carlson, 433 Oakland Lane.

Lake Geneva

-- Mayor: District 4 Alderman William Chesen, 800 Platt Ave., and former Mayor Spyro Condos, 1760 Hillcrest Drive, are running for the city's top spot. Incumbent Sheldon Shepstone is not seeking reelection.

-- City council: District 1 incumbent Todd Krause, 1112 Wisconsin St., faces opposition from G. Stewart Mathison, 1011 W. Main St.

District 2 incumbent Larry Magee, 1120 Mobile St., faces opposition from Penny Roehrer, 1070 S. Lake Shore Drive, No. 11-1A.

District 3 incumbent Tom Spellman, 270 Country Club Drive, No. 22, faces opposition from Bob Flemming, 315 Walworth St.

District 4 incumbent William Chesen, 800 Platt Ave., is not seeking reelection. Newcomer Frank Marsala, 1823 Conant St., is running unopposed.

-- City treasurer: Incumbent Germaine Clifford, 1024 Lake Geneva Blvd., is running unopposed.

-- City attorney: Two newcomers are running for the open seat. They are Daniel S. Draper, 1440 Linda Lane, and Matt Kuehl, 1280 Pheasant Court. Incumbent Berwyn Braen is not seeking reelection.

-- Badger High School Board: Two incumbents and one newcomer are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Jeff Buntrock, 1101 Rolling Lane, and Patricia Wolter, 703 S. Lake Shore Drive. The newcomer is Niki Ceisel, N2447 Shady Side Drive. Incumbent Tom Gardiner is not seeking reelection.

-- Lake Geneva elementary school board: Incumbent Barbara Dinan, 500 S. Edwards Blvd., is running unopposed for one open seat.

-- Reek School Board: One incumbent and one newcomer are running for two open seats. The incumbent is Alexander Palmer, N599 Mill Road, Zenda. The newcomer is John Palmer, N1511 Shadow Lane, Fontana. Incumbent Ann Zubow is not seeking reelection.

-- Traver School Board: Two incumbents are running for two open seats. They are Daniel Kundert, W2442 State Line Road, and Glen York, N931 Hillside Road.

-- Woods School Board: Incumbent Sandra M. Kulik, W3768 South Shore Drive, is running unopposed for one open seat.


-- City Council: District 4 candidates who survived the primary are Jim Fischer, 476 Buckingham Blvd. and Lynn Binnie, 1315 W. Satinwood Lane.

District 2 incumbent Councilman Maxwell Taylor, 290 Tratt St., (lower), is running unopposed.

Councilmember at large incumbent Jim Stewart, 745 W. Center St., is running unopposed.

-- Municipal judge: Candidates who advanced art the primary are Art Coleman, 403 S. Whiton St., and Richard Kelly, 219 S. Pleasant St.

-- School Board: Incumbents are running unopposed for the three open seats on the board. Incumbents running for reelection are Caroline Wieman, 9304 Oakwood Drive; Kurt Harkness, N7706 E. Lakeshore Drive, and Steve Lamsam, W8735 Territorial Road.





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