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Walworth County Board race letters

Following the vote to downsize the Walworth County Board to 11 districts, all 11 seats will be contested on April 1.

Click HERE to add your letter to the editor. Letters will be reviewed and those adhearing to our guidelines will be posted.

Click HERE to watch video of the March 3, 2008 Candidate forum.

Click HERE for a list of candidates.

Click HERE for an interactive district map.


Blogger hartxcar said...

Letter to the Editor:

It saddens me to pick up the newspaper each day and see another letter bashing candidates that I worked with and know personally. It is a big responsibility and commitment to run for public office and in many ways a thankless job. It isn’t any wonder more people do not step forward to serve in public office. In all the years I served on the county board and also watched in the audience, I have never seen the fighting, back stabbing, bashing and mudslinging that I have seen in the past two years and in this campaign. What is wrong? Is this the type of society that we have become? There is good in every person. Why can’t we have a campaign where a candidate will tell us what they stand for and what they hope to bring to the board?
I served on the board with Bill Norem. I was on the board when he was chairman. Bill was a good leader. We got things done and we all got along even if we disagreed on issues.
I worked with Bill and Ann Lohrmann to develop the present form of county leadership that we have today, the County Administrator. This was a major step to more efficient government.
I was on the board when Joe Schafer was elected chairman by the then seniority policy. At that time the board chair served as county coordinator. Joe had said he could not serve as chairman because of the time commitment but wanted his name in the history books. He was sworn in as chair, had a picture taken and resigned. No business was conducted. A new chairman was elected.
I support Bill Norem and Ann Lohrmann. They bring experience, honesty and hard work to the board. They have nothing personally to gain. They do not represent any special interest group but are very concerned about our county government , all it’s citizens young and old and the direction the county may be headed. They are both concerned about the rapidly escalating county tax levy. It is scary when someone says this is a rich county and we have to spend money regardless of taxpayers ability to pay. Spending the most money does not buy the best services: Efficient management of available resources does.
Ann and Bill have earned and deserve the positions of Walworth County Board Supervisor. Please consider them for your vote on April 1.

Betty Felten
. .

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Best Pro-citizen Canditates-vote on April 1st
> All the following candidates have been chosen for their integrity,
> willingness to put people above special interests, detailed, nuanced
> understanding of issues--short AND long term, willingness to "do the
> homework" and research, high level of service to their comunity and
> committment. They are all interested in paring down the budget in
> ways that won't remove all our services and are VERY tax conscious.
> County Board: With only 11 members, 6 majority vote will rule our
> county and all it's zoning. It's very important to educate yourselves
> on the issues and definitely get out and vote! Your future depends on it.
> District 1) Stan Muzatko
> District 2) Joe Schaeffer-strong on land preservation
> District 3) Frederick Mark Bromley--supports smart growth
> District4) Jim Stewart--has supported local initiative
> District 7) Sonja Berg-Schlesner--promotes land preservation
> District 8--Dan Kilkenny--dedicated, intelligent, watches out for the
> people, excellent
> District 9) Jim Van Dreser
> District 11) Nancy Russell--land use and preservation
> Delavan Township:
> Frank Jones--Simply one of the best candidates you're ever likely to
> find! Works hard on behalf of the people, total integrity, does his
> homework--a hard worker
> City of Delavan:
> Mayor: Ellen Reddy
> Aldrmen: 1st ward--John Finley
> 2nd ward--Dave Kilkenny
> All of these candidates are of the finest caliber. They support open,
> transparant government, support their constituents above special
> interest groups, ask good questions, and do the research. Top notch!
> Our local candidates willl affect our day-to-day lives even more than
> national candidates--PLEASE VOTE ON APRIL 1ST.
> Lauren Pohn
> Delavan

With the April 1 election right around the corner, local races are heating up
for their final push. In Sunday's Week, we breakdown each of the 11 races for
Walworth County Board, was well as preview the mayor's races in Lake Geneva and Delavan.

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