Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By Robert Grohall: Spending should be justified

Dear Editor,

This is to introduce myself, Robert L. Grohall, a candidate for Walworth County Supervisor, District 6.

I am an Elkhorn resident for the past 35 years; married to Maxine for 40 years; have two children educated in the Elkhorn School District and three grandchildren.

I am self employed and used to working on budgets. I am a member of the First United Methodist Church and have been a 4-H leader at all levels from project to county. I was the first president of the 4-H Black Box Theater.

My values and ideas are conservative, which means that as a Walworth County Supervisor, I will try to do the right thing…not what is popular or politically correct.

As a citizen and hopefully as your county board supervisor, I have a question about the 2008 adoptive budget.

How can one department ask and received an increase of about 28 percent (27.8 percent actual)?

This is without any representative from District 6 ever raising a question of a no vote.

This type of extravagant spending, leading to excessive tax rates, has got to stop.

Under my leadership, spending in all areas has to be justified, questioned, examined and then voted on. A change is needed.

The two representatives that currently represent you, the taxpayer, could not look you in the eye and say, “I did everything that I could to hold down your taxes.”

Vote for me in the primary Feb. 19.

Robert L. Grohall
Candidate for Walworth County Board


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