Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By Jim Thometz: D'Alessandro has a plan for the future


District 7 primary candidates, are you ready for fiscal responsibility?

Will our District 7 elected supervisor hold the line on spending and stop increasing the tax levy?

Can you say "zero-based budgeting?"

I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a District 7 candidate forum that took place at the Williams Bay field house on Monday evening Feb. 11, and the results made my decision process for voting in the primary clear and simple.

James D'Alessandro has the experience, insight, and logical approach necessary to successfully transition into the newly downsized county board.

While I respect the initiative and service of the two other candidates running, there is a clear difference between them on multiple levels--experience, leadership, and action are critical to the new county board structure.

While the other candidates spoke about the difficulties ahead and their lack of a clear plan and direction for the future, D'Alessandro proposed logical and effective steps to stop tax levy increases.

Ideas such as "zero-based budgeting," outsourcing seasonal services to reduce cost, obtain additional state and federal aid, control and reorganize the skyrocketing health care costs.

Instead of taking two years to develop a mere approach for a Smart Growth plan, D'Alessandro has the experience, knowledge, and initiative to provide immediate action and direction while holding the line on tax levy increases.

I urge you to vote for James D'Alessandro for District 7 county supervisor on Tuesday Feb. 19.

Jim Thometz
Geneva Township


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