Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By Dennis Lichner: Ann Lohrmann will hold the line on spending


I wish to express my concerns about the waste of taxpayer money over the way the highway department is conducting winter operations.

They think that the money grows on trees. My taxes went up $800 in one year, so they can keep spending more instead of curbing their expenses.

For one thing, they over-salt the roads and over-plow also. When they go down County Highway H on a bare roads with the plow blade down, it’s called wearing out equipment prematurely.

As an owner operator in the dump truck business for over 40 years, and also having done snow plowing and removal, I am a little familiar with plowing operations.

When they go down highway H, I have found salt up my driveway over 20 feet.

So if I have it in my driveway that far, it means they are also salting the ditch and up the bank--a waste of salt plus a negative impact on the environment.

Another thing is they put the wing down and scrape the shoulder gravel into the ditches instead of keeping it up a couple of inches.

It wastes road gravel and costs taxpayers money to re-shoulder the side every year.

I have to rake the stones out of the ditch every year or ruin my mower blades or possibly my mower engine.

There is one supervisor who shares the same opinions as me on the matter the way that public works is being operated.

This supervisor is Ann Lohrmann, who says the line must be held on spending.

Her opponent has a different view, such as spending more.

The county board needs more people like Ann to get a hold of this exorbitant spending.

Maybe the taxpayers of Walworth County are striving to be the highest taxed county in the state, instead of the fourth highest.

As a businessperson, I know I couldn’t spend more than I took in, or I would have failed in two years.

The county just raises taxes for their exorbitant spending.

When we vote for supervisors, we have to vote for people who are tired of raising taxes.

Dennis Lichner
LaGrange Township


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