Tuesday, February 12, 2008

By Ann Lohrmann: Government should do more with less

Dear Editor,

Recently in the local newspapers and at a candidate's forum for the Walworth County Board Supervisor's primary to be held Feb. 19, 2008, an opponent attempted to discredit me.

Contrary to some individuals running for the county board, I do not believe the large majority of people in Walworth County have unlimited wealth.

As I go door to door I find that most people don't consider themselves financially rich.

In 2007, Walworth County experienced a 51 percent increase in foreclosures.

In a time when our economy has plummeted and people are having difficulty paying their bills, I believe government needs to do more with less.

How can we envision economic growth when our tax levy is nearly double what other surrounding counties are?

While I have been supportive of the services the county provides, I do not believe we need to continue increasing taxes every year to provide good services for county residents.

I sacrificed my chairmanship for the good of our county's future, by spearheading the successful downsizing referendum.

This, as most of you know, led to the majority of my peers on the board, ousting me.

I believe a smaller board will be more accountable and more responsive to the people they represent.

The taxpayers agreed. As with the downsizing, I have always worked hard to lower taxes and improve our county government.

Now with an 11 member county board we can work more efficiently to cut the wasteful and unnecessary spending.

I will work hard to ensure that the people of Walworth County do not serve their government, but that it serves them.

Ann Lohrmann
Candidate for Walworth County Board
District 3

These are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Walworth County Board of Supervisors.


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