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Walworth County cities, spring 2008 election

Both Lake Geneva and Delavan will have contested mayoral races when voters go to the polls April 1.

In Lake Geneva, former Mayor Spyro Condos is running against alderman William Chesen. The race opened up after current mayor Sheldon Shepstone announced that he would not run for reelection.

In Delavan, incumbent Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis faces a challenge from alderwoman Ellen Reddy, who also ran for the post in 2006.

The following is a rundown of races in the four Walworth County cities. Village races are HERE


-- Mayor: Incumbent Mel Nieuwenhuis, 720 Parish St., faces opposition from Ellen Reddy, 214 N. Third St.

-- City council: District 1 incumbent John K. Finley, 201 W. Washington St., faces opposition from Donald L. Edmunds, 512 N. Terrace St.

District 2 incumbent David G. Kilkenny, 820 Parish Court, No. 6B, faces opposition from Samuel H. Riggs III, 201 N. Eighth St.

District 3 incumbent Jeff S. Johnson, 629 Madison Drive, is running unopposed.

-- Municipal judge: Incumbent LeRoy H. Himebauch, 953 Racine St., is running unopposed.

-- School board: Three incumbents are running unopposed for three open seats. They are Steve Carlson, 2151 Blue Heron Drive; Carol Murphy, 2119 Hillcrest Drive; and Dr. Jeff Scherer, 1080 Phoenix St.


-- Mayor: Mayor John T. Giese, 402 Broad St., is running unopposed.

-- City council: Incumbents are running unopposed for the three open seats.

District 6: Julie Taylor, 12 N. Church St.

District 4: Scott McClory, 616 N. Washington St.

District 3: Ronald Dunwiddie, 214 E. Court St.

-- School Board: Two incumbents are running unopposed for the two open seats on the board. Seeking reelection are Dave Ketchpaw, 512 N. Jackson St., and Dr. Edward Carlson, 433 Oakland Lane.

Lake Geneva

-- Mayor: District 4 Alderman William Chesen, 800 Platt Ave., and former Mayor Spyro Condos, 1760 Hillcrest Drive, are running for the city's top spot. Incumbent Sheldon Shepstone is not seeking reelection.

-- City council: District 1 incumbent Todd Krause, 1112 Wisconsin St., faces opposition from G. Stewart Mathison, 1011 W. Main St.

District 2 incumbent Larry Magee, 1120 Mobile St., faces opposition from Penny Roehrer, 1070 S. Lake Shore Drive, No. 11-1A.

District 3 incumbent Tom Spellman, 270 Country Club Drive, No. 22, faces opposition from Bob Flemming, 315 Walworth St.

District 4 incumbent William Chesen, 800 Platt Ave., is not seeking reelection. Newcomer Frank Marsala, 1823 Conant St., is running unopposed.

-- City treasurer: Incumbent Germaine Clifford, 1024 Lake Geneva Blvd., is running unopposed.

-- City attorney: Two newcomers are running for the open seat. They are Daniel S. Draper, 1440 Linda Lane, and Matt Kuehl, 1280 Pheasant Court. Incumbent Berwyn Braen is not seeking reelection.

-- Badger High School Board: Two incumbents and one newcomer are running for three open seats. The incumbents are Jeff Buntrock, 1101 Rolling Lane, and Patricia Wolter, 703 S. Lake Shore Drive. The newcomer is Niki Ceisel, N2447 Shady Side Drive. Incumbent Tom Gardiner is not seeking reelection.

-- Lake Geneva elementary school board: Incumbent Barbara Dinan, 500 S. Edwards Blvd., is running unopposed for one open seat.

-- Reek School Board: One incumbent and one newcomer are running for two open seats. The incumbent is Alexander Palmer, N599 Mill Road, Zenda. The newcomer is John Palmer, N1511 Shadow Lane, Fontana. Incumbent Ann Zubow is not seeking reelection.

-- Traver School Board: Two incumbents are running for two open seats. They are Daniel Kundert, W2442 State Line Road, and Glen York, N931 Hillside Road.

-- Woods School Board: Incumbent Sandra M. Kulik, W3768 South Shore Drive, is running unopposed for one open seat.


-- City Council: District 4 candidates who survived the primary are Jim Fischer, 476 Buckingham Blvd. and Lynn Binnie, 1315 W. Satinwood Lane.

District 2 incumbent Councilman Maxwell Taylor, 290 Tratt St., (lower), is running unopposed.

Councilmember at large incumbent Jim Stewart, 745 W. Center St., is running unopposed.

-- Municipal judge: Candidates who advanced art the primary are Art Coleman, 403 S. Whiton St., and Richard Kelly, 219 S. Pleasant St.

-- School Board: Incumbents are running unopposed for the three open seats on the board. Incumbents running for reelection are Caroline Wieman, 9304 Oakwood Drive; Kurt Harkness, N7706 E. Lakeshore Drive, and Steve Lamsam, W8735 Territorial Road.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spyro Condos poses a real danger
if elected as a proponent of the
proposed Mirbeau Hummel development
. He stands to personally gain as a
real estate broker for the local
Lake Geneva real estate company who
he works for. Enough is enough, it is quite clear what his objective is if he aquires any form of power.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spyro Condos does not want this development but Bill Chesen does. You can take that to the bank.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay...anonymous..who said Condos supports Mirbeau-Hummel? If you lie about this what other lies are you telling...

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spyro Condos works as a real estate
agent for Keefe Realty who happens
to want Mirbeau Hummel to happen.
Spyro as you recall left office in
a rather poor light due to his
LIQUOR LICENSE SCANDAL. This is FACT & not a lie. Citizens are really sick of self serving sleezy
politicians. Did Spyro develop a
set of ETHICS while out of office?

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Condos opponet also comes with a lot of bagage. He is quite contrversial as a police officer. Many articles have been written about him in the local Racine Newspapers.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Dan Plutchak, editor said...

March 14, 2008

Editor, The Walworth County Week

It appears that no civic group in Delavan cares to host a debate between me and my opponent for the office of First District Alderman.

I hereby challenge my opponent to two, three minute speeches at the conclusion of the mayors debate at Phoenex School on March 18.

I'll be there with my presentation. Don Edmunds can bring his presentations.

May the best alderman win.

John Finley
Alderman, First District
201 West Washington St.
Delavan, WI 53115-0127
Phone: 728-9645

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Best Pro-citizen Canditates-vote on April 1st
> All the following candidates have been chosen for their integrity,
> willingness to put people above special interests, detailed, nuanced
> understanding of issues--short AND long term, willingness to "do the
> homework" and research, high level of service to their comunity and
> committment. They are all interested in paring down the budget in
> ways that won't remove all our services and are VERY tax conscious.
> Delavan Township:
> Frank Jones--Simply one of the best candidates you're ever likely to
> find! Works hard on behalf of the people, total integrity, does his
> homework--a hard worker
> City of Delavan:
> Mayor: Ellen Reddy
> Aldrmen: 1st ward--John Finley
> 2nd ward--Dave Kilkenny
> All of these candidates are of the finest caliber. They support open,
> transparant government, support their constituents above special
> interest groups, ask good questions, and do the research. Top notch!
> Our local candidates willl affect our day-to-day lives even more than
> national candidates--PLEASE VOTE ON APRIL 1ST.
> Lauren Pohn
> Delavan

With the April 1 election right around the corner, local races are heating up
for their final push. In Sunday's Week, we breakdown each of the 11 races for
Walworth County Board, was well as preview the mayor's races in Lake Geneva and Delavan.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Ronlyn said...

Dear Editor -

My Father, Donald Edmunds, just found out that a group that calls themselves "People 4 Good Government" (in Walworth Co.) is or will be running an ad that endorses him for Delavan's 1st District Alderman, (along with things about several other Candidates). Don would just like to make it clear that he appreciates the endorsement. We know nothing about this group, who they are or their views and opinions. So in that light we would just like to clarify, that their views and opinions are NOT the views and opinions of the Candidate, Don Edmunds. Thank you for allowing us to make this clarification. Please, BE SURE TO VOTE ON APRIL 1ST! We especially appreciate it if you cast your Vote for Don Edmunds!


Ronlyn (Edmunds) Bauer
Daughter and One of the Friends for Donald Edmunds, Delavan - 1st District Alderman

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Finley- WOW, what a brave challenge, you are up walking around and he is recovering from surgury. Yep, John, that's just the kind of guy you are. On the other hand, maybe that is the only way you could win.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:21 AM  

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