Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joe Guido, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 8

The Wisconsin Primary will take place on Feb. 19.

There will be many candidates on the presidential ballot for votes to choose from.

On the ballot for Walworth County Supervisor, District 8, will be four candidates.

A primary is held whenever there are more than two candidates.

The two candidates with the most votes then will face off in the general election on April 1.

The entire city of Delavan, the 3rd ward of Delavan Township and the 3rd ward of Darien Township make up District 8 of the Walworth County Board.

Because the Walworth County Board is downsizing from 25 supervisors to 11, your vote on your choice of candidate will be more important than ever.

With an elected board of eleven members, it will only take six votes to pass laws and ordinances.

The 2008 county budget is $159,906,190 of your hard-earned tax dollars.

For the past six years, I have worked very hard to try and control spending, but unfortunately I was in the minority in the passage of the county's tax levy increase of 6.12 percent in 2007 and 4.81 percent increase in 2008.

For the past ten years, Walworth County is averaging a tax levy increase of 6.44 percent.

I read and hear constantly that Wisconsin is a tax hell, so I ask you, what is it going to take to wake up the Walworth County Board to control department heads to live within our income?

We need a change in the leadership of Walworth Count where government is of the people, for the people and by the people.

I humbly ask for you vote on Feb. 19 and allow me to be your voice on the county board for change.


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