Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dan Kilkenny, candidate for Walworth County Board, District 8

Dan Kilkenny is running for the newly created 8th District Walworth County Board seat. The district encompasses the city of Delavan, and portions of the town of Delavan and town of Darien.

Kilkenny is a lifelong resident of Walworth County, he is 51 years old, married to Debra, and has one son, Nicholas, age 17.

Kilkenny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His law office is located in the city of Delavan where he has had his practice for 25 years.

He has been active in community affairs and local government.

He currently serves the 18th District on the County Board and is a supervisor on the town Board of Darien.

He also currently serves as chairman of the Walworth County Smart Growth Technical Advisory Committee.

In the past he served as a Delavan Lake Sanitary District commissioner and was appointed to the Wisconsin Dept. of Regulation and Licensing Cemetery Task Force in 1998, as an advisor to the department on issues relating to regulation of cemeteries.

His community service includes, president of the Walworth County Cemetery Association, 1993 to present; secretary/treasurer and trustee of the Delavan Cemetery Association, 1984 to present; director of the Land Trust of Walworth County, 2005 to present.

"I believe in open and accessible government. My philosophy is we should make every effort to anticipate problems before a crisis occurs and to encourage early involvement by the public. If people are given the chance to be heard and are treated fairly, better decisions will be made and there will be less polarization in the community." Kilkenny said.

"A smaller board is going to require supervisors to be even more dedicated, competent, and willing to work hard to represent the new larger districts. I accept that responsibility."

"I believe my experience and education will allow me to effectively analyze and address the tough financial and policy issues facing the County. I look forward to the opportunity to serve." Kilkenny said.


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