Friday, October 05, 2007

Will East Troy recall their county board supervisor?

The Walworth County Board will experience its first-ever recall election Oct. 16.

Challenger Jim Stemper faces Supervisor Joyce Ketchpaw for the seat that represents East Troy and parts of the surrounding area.

Click HERE for reporter Mike Heine's election preview.

The board has been embroiled for more than a year in sometimes parallel and sometimes interconnected controversies related spurred by charges of high taxes and poor representation.

Milestones include forcing a vote to reduce the number of seats on the county board. That vote passed, and districts will be reduced to 11 in April of 2008.

Board members also ousted Anne Lohrmann from her position as board chair. Her opponents charged poor leadership. Her supporters cried retaliation for her support of downsizing.

The upcoming recall is also a spin-off of the taxation and representation controversy.

Below are two letters from the Sunday, Oct. 7 edition of The Week.

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