Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tensions high on county board

The Walworth County Board is no longer one big happy family.

Emotions have been raw ever since the proposal was put forward (which was approved by voters in the spring) to reduce the number of supervisors on the board.

At the Tuesday, July 10, 2007 board meeting, a vote is scheduled to strip chairperson Ann Lohrmann of her title. The move is spearheaded by Supervisor Jerry Grant.

Lohrmann's supports say it's payback for her support of downsizing. Critics say it's a lack of leadership and the way she treats some of her fellow supervisors.

In the meantime, Grant, along with Supervisor Joyce Ketchpaw, have been targeted for recall.

Reporter Mike Heine reports that Jim Simons, town of Spring Prairie chairman and a vocal downsizing supporter, pitched a proposal to Ketchpaw whereby she would not vote against Lohrmann in return for the recall effort against her being dropped.

Ketchpaw hasn't indicated how she'll vote Tuesday.

Below are letters on the issue from the July 8, 2007 edition of The Week.

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~Dan Plutchak, editor





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