Friday, November 30, 2007

Who's responsibility is healthcare?

Mike Heine's recent article on county employee health care benefits generated a strong response from readers. (See the letters section in the Sunday, Dec. 2 Week).

The issue of health care costs goes far beyond county benefits, and to who should be responsible for the expense of health care in the first place.

I've always found it surprising that people tend to complain that workers should have less health care benefits, rather than complaining about those who work and don't have any.

There are strong arguments for moving away from employer paid health care, and our country has slowly moved in that direction over the last ten years.

The problem arises in that no suitable alternative has been created in its place. The end result being that the cost of health care is increasingly being born by workers, effectively limiting the amount of money they have left to contribute to the economy.

What's the best alternative? Add your comments here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote the letter saying I was tired of subsidizing union employees in Walworth County and their healthcare coverage. Two letters were printed in The Week - both playing the "my husband put his life on the line for you" card. First of all, I appreciate that - second of all, my husband didn't put his life on the line for anybody, but he worked hard for 50 years, raised four children on almost nothing and retired at 70 years old. When he retired, he got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Luckily for us, he was old enough to go on Medicare, otherwise our cost would have been a lot worse. And we, too, are both members of the work force.

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