Friday, April 13, 2007

Two from Town of Delavan board step down

Delavan Town Board Chairman John Pelletier and Supervisor Bill Endisch figure the writing on the wall means it's time for them to move on.

At Tuesday's annual town meeting, residents passed an advisory referendum to replace Pelletier, who has been a supporter of the Sho-Deen residential development in the township.

In a letter to the editor in Sunday's print edition of The Week, Endisch writes that his resignation is effective April 30 and that he and his wife are moving to Whitewater.

In the election two weeks ago, two supervisors who were seen as being in the Sho-Deen camp, Larry Malsch and Dolores Nowak, were defeated by Kay Franzen and Jim Wolfgram.

In a story in last week's Janesville Gazette, reporter Anna Marie Ames quotes Pelletier's letter of resignation.

"They preferred little or no development and strict adherence to current county zoning ordinances and a 12-year-old, outdated rural land use plan," Pelletier wrote. "They would accept loss of town land to annexation if necessary. They want more of what is, not what could be."


Anonymous Wayne Polzin, Delavan Town Chairman said...


Dear town of Delavan residents.
After the last election I would guess that you may be confused as to what took place with the last election. Hopefully I can make it easer to understand.

First of all Jim Wolfgram and Kay Franzen defeated the two incumbent' candidates. Then the next thing that took place was Bill Endisch resigned as a supervisors then Chairman John Pelletier choose not to be seated. After five days the office becomes vacant and the office has to be filled by the rest of the town board and the town clerk.

At a special town meeting Jim Wolfgram made a motion to appoint me as town chairman with a second by Kay Franzen.

The vote was three to two with Jim and Kay both voting for me along with me voting for my self. Supervisor Bill Endisch and our new clerk, Dixie Bernsteen, both voted no.

I then had to resign to except the position of town chairman. Now I have to appoint two new supervisors to fill the vacancy spots of Bills and myself with the approval of the town board members and the town clerk.

I hope this helps clear up what takes place.
Thank you,

9:33 PM  

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