Monday, April 23, 2007

Sho-Deen says Jackson Creek development dead

Sho-Deen Construction says it's plans for the Jackson Creek Development in Delavan Township are now "dead."

Following the upheaval in the Delavan Town Board after elections earlier this month, Sho-Deen announced in a news release today that it will wait until the open town board seats are filled before deciding how to proceed.

Voters ousted supervisors Larry Malsch and Dolores Nowak and replaced them with Jim Wolfgram and Kay Franzen, who ran on their opposition to the development. Supervisor Bill Endisch announced at the annual meeting that he will step down Monday, April 30.

That left town board Chairman John Pelletier, who was re-elected in April, as the main proponent of the Sho-Deen plan, but he declined the seat, saying the removal of Malsch and Nowak proved voters did not agree with his vision for the town

Supervisor Wayne Polzin, the only member of the five-member board to survive the election, was appointed the new town chairman.

Wolfgram told Janesville Gazette reporter Anne Marie Ames that he is pleased to see a spirit of cooperation from Sho-Deen.

"It sounds like they are willing to work with the town," Wolfgram was quoted as saying in a story in Monday's Janesville Gazette. "I'm glad they're going to reconsider what they're doing and come back with a plan that's more workable for the town and community."


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