Thursday, March 29, 2007

Comment on the village of Darien election

Add your thoughts and comments below regarding the village of Darien election April 3.


Anonymous Debi Olmstead said...

It is very important that Village residents turn out to vote on Tuesday if they are unhappy with the cost of owning a home here in Darien.

The Village Budget was mishandled, resulting in our huge water bills and the investigation by the Public Service Commission.

Our downtown looks like it's still in the 1800's, we need revitalization. Our current Real Estate tax rate is higher than Lake Geneva's!

It is only with the recent election of Shane Spoo and Geralyn Clover-Truckey that new light has been shone on the way 'business as usual' has been conducted by the Good Ole Boys for years.

Allow an open and honest local government to improve your quality of life by voting for Geralyn Clover-Truckey, Craig McCue, and Robert MENZEL!

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Debi Olmstead said...

OOPS, excuse spelling error, Please vote for Robert METZNER as Darien Village President!!!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a resident of Darien, I too am unhappy with the cost of water. But this is nothing new, the price of water has been costly since Walcomet stepped in.

I am also concerned about how the budget was handled. It seems that the the people in question have agreed that an error was made and have agreed that it needs to be corrected. They are currently working on a time frame to do this without putting a strain on the Village.

The so called Good Ole Boys club,(led by our current Village President Robert Wenzel) has been in the past and still is today, made up of residents of the Village of Darien. People that want to see Darien prosper and are proud to live there.

The resident status of one of the recently elected board members is in question. How do we believe/trust someone that chooses not to live in our Village.

Look at the attendance record of the board members doing the complaining. If you really wanted change, wouldnt you start by attending the meetings on a regular basis?

The way this situation has been handled, makes me wonder what Mr. Spoo's agenda really is for Darien.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Bubby said...

I know nothing of politics in Darien, I just know I hate living here. Our water bills are around $70 a MONTH (for 1 1/2 people) and we pay $4200 in property taxes and for WHAT? Even though our taxes help support fire and rescue I had to pay $700 for a trip to the hospital in Elkhorn! They tarred and graveled our cul de sac and turned it from a quite street into a noisy crunchy one. I basically feel we pay $4200 a year for snow removal. We are being ripped off big time.
We are anti Walmart so we shopped at the now defunct hardware store and ate breakfast at the now defunct cafe, but even after 8 straight weeks no one would talk to us and we were given the cold shoulder so we of course we stopped going there. I learned a lesson from my home purchase in this village. I will investigate the next town I plan to live in and will not base my home purchase strictly because I loved the home. Of course homes are not selling here in the Oak Ridge Subdivision. There are 5 vacant homes and many for sale and we will be stuck with them. We are suffering from the housing bubble bursting but Walworth County says were not!
Get real.You sound just like bush saying we're not in a recession. You raised my damn taxes when my homes value fell. How can you have 5 vacant properies in one subdivision and say that is not going to affect home values. I will vote as debi requests as I am sick of this village and hope to see some change for the better.

7:19 PM  

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