Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comment on the Big Foot school board race

Add your thoughts and comments below regarding the Big Foot School Board election April 3.


Anonymous Denise Freitag, Walworth said...

The Big Foot High School Board of Education has cut teachers from programs for next year, or severely reduced their contracts. They are doing this without regard to the consequences. They also are doing this even though they have heard parents, students, and teachers alike plead with them to cut extracurriculars and/or add fees before cutting teachers.

The band director position has been reduced to 3 hrs. per day. You may have received communication from the administration stating the rationale for this. This is not the whole story: class sizes are small because those classes are AP Music Theory (9 students, when the average AP class is only 6) or the class is Music Technology where there are only 10 MIDI computers. Mr. Singer would not have "extra time" to cover study halls if the administration supported lessons for band students during the day (a "best practice" throughout the state.)

I certainly think that the school board has made some good decisions this year, such as adding back the "traditional" math track. I do, however, feel that they are not asking enough questions of the current, very new, administrator. They seem to be in need of know-how and historical perspective.

This is why I urge you to vote for Dave Rendall and Mike Lynch to become new members of the BFHS school board. Mr. Rendall is a retired BFHS teacher with many years experience. Mr. Lynch is a past board member whose knowledge is sorely needed.

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