Friday, March 16, 2007

Comment on the April 3 election

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Anonymous Jim C. Simons said...

10 days from now Walworth County will decide what size government it will have.

At this late date there are two citizen groups asking you to fore for a smaller board. Most of you are aware of CRG or Citizens for Responsible Government Walworth County, they are the watch dog group responsible for the effort against the current county board over the proposed tax increase that was authorized at up to 10% in May of 2006.

Recently a new group has emerged, Citizens for Downsizing the Walworth County Board. They make many excellent points in their flyer worth sharing:
"> 11 board members will be more visible and accountable than 25.
> Board Members need to take ownership of their decisions, not shove them off on the administrator who has no vote.
>There will be more competition for seats. It will be easier to change the board.
>Board Members will have to attend meetings and read their materials. With 25 they can hide their indifference or ignorance among 24 other members.
>A number of current board members are putting more effort into saving their jobs then the effort they put into doing the job they were elected to do.
> A 6.1% increase in the 2007 county tax levy is fiscally irresponsible and out of control.
>Out of 25 supervisors only 12 attended the most important budget meetings. How did the other 13 understand the budget that they voted on?
>11 can run the county. Only about 8 board members consistently attend committee meetings now. committees of 5-7 members make the decisions now. The Board rubber stamps them.
> With our system of administrative governance the board need not be full time. Day to day operations are handled by the administrator, and hired or elected full-time managers."

These are valid points. Attendance at committee meetings is a mater of public record, anyone can check by going to the clerks office and asking to read the minutes. If a person is elected to the position, then they should make time to do the job. If the meetings arn't that important then the committees should be abolished or combined into another committee.

While not all Board Members have joined it there is another group; Committee Against Downsizing the Walworth County Board from 25 to 11, made up of County Supervisors attempting to save their jobs.

Their literature would have you believe the Lakeland School is in threatened if there are only 11 supervisors. The truth of the matter is on March 19, 2007 the request for construction bids were authorized. The 25 member board will control the budget through 2008. Lakeland School will be built. Walworth County has pledged its support to the school for 10 years.

On the other hand this board has forced responsibility for most of the handicapped children onto the fifteen school districts. You will see a jump in taxes from the school districts as this shift in responsibility takes effect. Because of the decisions of this board and the Racine County board, residents of Walworth County in the Burlington School district saw a 30% increase in school taxes this year.

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