Wednesday, February 15, 2006

By Bill Endisch: I'm running for Delavan Town Board


My name is Bill Endisch and I am a candidate for town of Delavan supervisor in the April 4 election.

When incumbents seeking reelection go unopposed, the voter is denied his opportunity to seek a change in his representation. I am looking to provide the voter with that opportunity.

I'm not a newcomer to the town's political scene. For the past several years I have been attending town board meetings and am familiar with various circumstances associated with the town.

Since I filed for candidacy I have also been actively attending all committee meetings. I feel it is very important that when my final vote is cast, my vote will be based on all information for the issues.

The next years will bring about a transformation to the town. Prudence and planning will be needed to achieve the benefits of this potential growth and still maintain the quality of rural living and the protection of the lake.

As a retired department manager from a large Fortune 500 manufacturing firm, I have the experience with planning, budgeting, purchasing, policy and decision-making.

This experience will be an asset in dealing with the current issues and decisions that go along with growth and future needs of the town.

I hope you will consider me to serve in the upcoming elected position of supervisor for the town of Delavan.





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