Friday, December 15, 2006

By Jerry A. Grant: Lohrmann is an embarrassment

The authors listed below would like to provide the following, to correct information and/or facts that have been reported in the past in regard to the Walworth County Board of Supervisors.

We work hard to take our j0ob as supervisor very seriously. We have always looked at it as "serious business." We do not and never have considered the county board a "Good Old boys club" or a " Social Club" as stated by Ann Lohrmann. We do not believe that taxpayers' money has been "mismanaged." Lohrmann's statement indicates that our county administrator and most county board supervisors are careless with taxpayer money.

This could not be further from the truth. The Finance Committee, of which Lohrmann is a member, reviews the financial portion of the county business very closely. The full board reviews, or at least has the opportunity to review and offer suggestions to the budget as it develops. All meetings are open to the public.

Ann Lohrmann has become an embarrassment to us. Her actions at the Village of East Troy polls is unacceptable, no matter what the purpose of the solicitation. Whether the act was legal or not, we believe Lohrmann should not be soliciting signatures for any issue involving eh county board as a while, even when she strongly supports the issue.

As chairperson, Lohrmann should support her board where majority rules, not berate and publicly undermine board decisions.

When asked about her behavior, Lohrmann's answe3rs only speak to money issues-the unacceptable behavior is not about money.

In Lohrmann's articles furnished to the press, not all facts have been correct. Lohrmann had declared there was a board "self-imposed tax cap" of 4.68 percent. In May, when the budget process began, the full board was given scenarios by Administer David Bretl.

At that time, Lohrmann supported and voted of a tax increase of not more than 9 percent. That proposal was voted down.

The proposal of not more than 10 percent tax increase passed by a majority of the board.

There has been nothing before the county board and nothing in the minutes of the finance committee mentioning the 4.68 percent "self imposed tax cap" that Lohrmann continually mentions.

This letter is the opinion of the signees and may not represent the opinion of other members of the board

Jerry Grant, District 7

Sandra Wagie-Tromel, District 5

Art Lein, District 6


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