Friday, December 08, 2006

By Brett Strong: Taxpayers stand up to tax spenders

Responding to Walworth County Board Supervisor Dave Weber's guest opinion last week ("Questioning the actions of the board chair," The Week, Dec. 3).

Yes, I have stated that the Walworth County Board is irresponsible. Not only me, but a host of other people as well.

Citizens for Responsible Government is a watchdog group for the taxpayers.

It started in Milwaukee and has grown very rapidly due to the increase in the taxpayers wanting a way to contend with the bad behavior of elected officials.

Thus, the Walworth County chapter evolved.

Mr. Weber says our voice and opinion are not based on fact.

Correction, Mr. Weber: Everything being said is a fact and can be proven by public record.

Mr. Weber says we are a "radical group." Maybe, but let's look at why.

Is it radical to ask why you didn't put Lakeland School to referendum? It's a non-mandated service and we should have a say in the matter.

I brought to your attention many times the wages and benefit package of the nursing home employees.

Before the new home was built, studies commissioned by the county said they were the highest in the state. If you downsize, it still needed to be addressed.

Is it radical to ask you why you didn't do that?

The same about the benefit package for the teachers at Lakeland. The counties study said they were the highest as well.

Is it radical to ask you to address this on behalf of the taxpayers?

The county saw a 35 percent increase in health care for the employees.

Is it radical to ask that this increase not be passed on to the taxpayers, given the fact that a great deal of people are losing their insurance every day?

About representation: Were you representing us when you decided on a (nearly) 10 percent tax increase?

Were you representing us when you said no to a referendum for the school?

Were you representing us when you built a new courts facility after we said no? Were you representing us after you passed on a 35 percent increase in employee health care?

Now you are mad that chairperson Ann Lohrmann collected signatures for us . Why ?

Did she violate Title 2 of the county? Was a statute violated? The answer is no.

Seems to me you don't have a reason to be mad or remove her from the chair position.

Ann clearly sees a problem and wants to do something about it. Kudos, Ann.

Not all supervisors are in trouble. We wish to acknowledge a few that belong on the board. Ann Lohrmann, Rick Stacy, Richard Kunke and Bob Arnold, you are friends of the taxpayers.

Keep up the good work. In closing, CRG will always be on the taxpayer's side.

That's why we are here. When a politician steps out of line we will be there on behalf of the taxpayers . With pressure, we got them to reduce the levy by 3.4 percent

That's a start.

The author is the chairman of Citizens for Responsible Government


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