Thursday, November 30, 2006

From David Weber: To the citizens of Walworth County.

This is the opinion of just one county supervisor:

The County Board of Supervisors is responsible for providing governmental services that are larger in scale than all other individual cities, towns and villages combined. Lately, you have been reading a lot about a group called "Citizens for Responsible Government" (CRG) and their accusation that the majority of the county board supervisors are irresponsible and do not serve the taxpayers. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Our county board chair has aligned herself with this radical faction. Her actions on election day at the polling place in East Troy, which resulted in police intervention, suggests that she has greater allegiance to CRG than to the county board she is supposed to lead, or even her own constituents ( she does not represent East Troy). As a public official she should not be pushing the envelope of the law for her personal agenda. As an elected official, she should understand her rights to free speech and to petition should be tempered by the right of voters to exit a polling place in privacy and to be free from solicitations for political purposes.

Rather than defend her own actions, Ms. Lohrmann has begun to personally attacked board members and accuse them of not working in the best interests of taxpayers. Personal attacks and intimidation, rather than addressing issues, are tactics of this group misnamed as "Citizens for Responsible Government". This is the name of the group who would like to take control of your county government and make decisions for everyone! In my opinion, there is no basis in fact in what they preach. It's all about a group attempting to seize control and not about representation of citizen's interests.

What the citizens of Walworth County have now is twenty-five supervisors that represent the very diverse makeup of the population of Walworth County. As I look around the board room, I see a quality collection of business people (retired & active), professional people (from all areas of life), and large & small farmers (retired & active). These collective minds are leaders in their respective communities, with a long history of providing quality cost-effective leadership to the citizens and taxpayers in their home districts.

That's why you elected them. On all county issues there has been much debate and consideration of all sides of every question, before decisions are made. These supervisors are responsible, intelligent and conservative by their nature, and are primarily concerned about getting the best value for our dollar.

Our Board Chair's leadership is under question. Ms. Lohrmann has embarrassed the board and has lost the respect of a majority of its members. Not by her opinions, but the manner in which she has advocated them. She has chosen to join CRG in advocating slashing representation on the board. Supposedly for better control. But, for whose control? Hers? CRG's? I believe she has every right to follow and advocate for this radical group, but not as the board's chair.

The traditions in Walworth County run deep and wide. It has always been the challenge of all levels of government to maintain those traditions. We are in the center of a mega-tropolis between Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee and Madison. There is a tremendous amount of pressure for growth here. We all appreciate this quality of life we have come to know and respect here in our county. We are in an ever changing society, not unlike the rest of Wisconsin. In my judgment, your supervisors have been able to keep one eye on history and tradition, and the other on the organizational plan for the future.

The question is this - do you trust the supervisors from your home district, that you elected, or do you want to follow the irresponsible claims of a radical group (CRG) that wishes to limit representation on the board. Your present supervisors give more of their time, energy and talent than the $500.00 a month compensation they receive. They do it willingly because they feel a responsibility and dedication to their society. Lately, all you are hearing is the one voice and opinion that is not based on fact. This group (CRG) feels they can shout down and intimidate your supervisors and force this change in county government.

I believe our citizens and taxpayers will see CRG for what it is - and will maintain the trust and faith in the people they have elected to continue to provide representation to their respective districts.

David A. Weber
Supervisor, 15th District


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