Thursday, October 26, 2006

Which way to vote?

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, and voters are deciding on candidates and referendums.

Add your comments on:

--The marriage amendment

--The Whitewater school referendum (previous comments)

--The Delavan school referendum

--The Big Foot school referendum

--The 32nd Assembly District race between Thomas Lothian and Ryan Schroeder (previous comments)

--The governors race

--Any other race you’d like to comment on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can stay silent no longer. I've seen ads from Tammy Baldwin
> which attack Dave Magnum, her opponent, for votes that Tammy believes that
> Dave might possibly make if he were elected but has not yet made. The fact
> is that Dave, a widowed father of two, believes in family values and would
> vote to protect his children, and all children, from all harm. Check out his
> website (http://www.davemagnum.com). Tammy has failed miserably on this issue
> and others. She voted to protect horses from slaughter for food (HR503) and
> voted against parents' right to know if their minor daughter became pregnant
> and had an abortion (S.403), essentially protecting the pedophile who
> sexually assaulted their child. Other Acts she voted against include HR2679
> (Public Expression of Religion), HR4844 (Federal Election Integrity), HR6061
> (Secure Fence), HR4 (Pension Protection), HR4157 (Better Health Information
> System), HR2389 (Pledge Protection), HR4761 (re: off shore oil drilling) and
> HR5254 (re: new refinery permits), HR4890 (Legislative Line Item Veto-which
> would prohibit pork barrel spending from being slipped into bills without
> actual discussion). That's just this year! Check out her voting records for
> the past 8 years at http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2006/index.asp and decide if
> she really represents you. If you feel that she doesn't, elect Dave Magnum who
> does reflect our values.Barbara S. Barnett
> W3347 Crestwood Dr
> Whitewater, WI 53190-3006
> 262-473-4439

4:35 PM  

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