Friday, March 17, 2006

Comment the Delavan mayor's race

Delavan voters will choose between three candidates for mayor April 4. Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis faces a challenge from Ellen Reddy, a former council member, and Ron Siedelmann, currenlty on the council.

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Anonymous Royce K. DeBow said...

You wrote, "Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis faces a challenge from two current city council members, Ellen Reddy and Ron Siedelmann."

Please check the Delavan city council roster or Ms. Reddy's brochure which states she was on the city council from 2002-2004. Therefore, once council member and a former council member are challenging Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis, not "two current city council member."

8:43 AM  
Blogger Dan Plutchak, editor said...


Thanks for pointing that out. I've corrected the copy.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to read the Week Sunday, March 26. Donna Lenz Wright previews the Delavan mayor's race. Add your comments here.
~Dan Plutchak, editor, The Week

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Doug and Sue Olson said...

Over the past four years, Mayor Nieuwenhuis has done a great job. He has morals and integrity that he has incorporated into his position. Mr. Nieuwenhuis is a descent, honest, giving person, someone perfect for the city of Delavan. His dedication to his family, school (both public and private), church, and community is outstanding. Mr. Nieuwenhuis puts others before himself.
We have seen growth over the years, making it easier for residents to stay close to home, yet bring others into the community, encouraging revenue for Delavan.
We would strongly encourage each of you to vote for Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis on April 4.
Doug and Sue Olson

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the past term, Mel has done an excellent job and always seems to have everyone's best interest at heart. He is dedicated to making the world a better place. Throughout the years, he has allowed some growth and in turn it has created more jobs for the citizens in the area. We support you Mel Nieuwenhuis!!! Good Luck...God Bless! We love you!!

8:08 AM  

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