Friday, October 28, 2005

Letters to the editor: online special edition


The snail and e-mail bags have been full the past few weeks with letters deriding and supporting Democrat Ryan Schroeder, a likely candidate for next year's assembly race. Much of the heat has come from Royce DeBow, an aide to Assemblyman Thomas Lothian. DeBow likely has aspirations to run for the post again as well.

Is this a prelude to next falls race? I've pondered some scenarios on "This just in."

Below is this week's correspondence on the debate.

Dan Plutchak
Editor, The Week

By Jo Williams: Take a closer look at campaign finance laws

Dear Dan (Plutchak, editor),

Knowing you and your ethics, I was surprised to see a letter in The Week on Oct. 23 by Royce DeBow saying Ryan Schroeder violated campaign laws.

Specifically, I refer to a phrase in the second paragraph, "violating campaign finance laws, suing state campaign account money for a local election," and the last line, "campaign law violations."
As an aide to the 32nd Assemblyman, DeBow should know that State Statue Chapter 11, (11.10) is very clear in saying that their must be only one depository.

However, (12.05) of the Statutes says, "a violation does not constitute defamation per se." This part of the law was enacted in 1993, the Thompson years, and appears to allow DeBow to stretch the truth. You can find the State Statutes at www.legisl.state.wi.us, go to "Law" and then statutes.

Another good and non-political source of information is the State Elections Board. I've worked with Richard. His phone number is 608-297-7735. I find all the people there most helpful.

Jo Williams,
Formerly with Southern Lakes United Educators Membersheet.

By Royce DeBow: A challenge to the media

Dear Editor/Reporter,

As you have probably noticed, there have been letters in recent issues of area newspapers concerning Delavan liberal Democrat Ryan Schroeder. There appears to be two camps of writers; those who believe Ryan Schroeder is honest, intelligent, capable, etc., and those who believe Ryan Schroeder has violated campaign law, committed more than count of malfeasance while holding public office, and generally exhibited a willingness to lie about his record as a public official as well as his opponents' in order to curry favor with voters.

As a presumably responsible party with regard to informing the public, I believe it is in your interest, that of your publisher and readers to not only report the truth when it is apparent, but pursue the truth with it becomes clouded with personal and political agendas. Since politicians and candidates may have their own version of the truth, it seems that the media is the entity most likely to hold responsibility for ascertaining and then reporting the actual truth.

I propose that reporters (and/or) editors of area newspapers who cover Delavan or Walworth County, act as arbiter between the two pervasive viewpoints concerning liberal Democrat Ryan Schroeder. As someone representing the large group of individuals who believe that Schroeder is wholly a fraud in the persona he and supporters have constructed to advance his political career, I offer and in fact challenge area media as well as Schroeder supporters to meet with those representatives from the group of people who believe Schroeder has lied, broken the law, etc. Such a meeting would likely lead to egg on someone's face. Schroeder supporters should jump at the chance to prove wrong area conservatives who have criticized their golden boy. My guess is they will cower from the opportunity. If that is the case, you have to ask yourself why?

If you are contacted by Schroeder supporters asking you to stop publishing letters from those who criticize Schroeder, I invite you to make the offer outlined above. If they insist you confirm statements made in such letters, then I would expect whatever standards may be applied to those who criticize Schroeder, be applied to those who defend and market Schroeder.

If Schroeder supporters won't meet with the media and opponents simultaneously to answer charges made, I would suggest that they are afraid we have proof of Schroeder's misdeeds and know that if pressed, they will lose in the court of public opinion. It seems their constant push of liberal Democrat Ryan Schroeder for various offices, is predicated on absolutely no challenges from within their party as well as complete avoidance of directly confronting those charges made to date.

My hope is that the media will engage on the Schroeder scandals and help inform the public once and for all, about the truth regarding Ryan Schroeder and his political and campaigning 'career'.

Royce DeBow
(The author is an aide to 32nd District Assemblyman Thomas Lothian)

By Joe Bell: The plagues

To the Editor:

Trying to follow Royce Debow's logic is like trying to catch a Fall
grasshopper. " Mr. Debow, your point is . . . " (De Boing!) He leaps over
there, and at the same time he releases two more grasshoppers. "
Mr. Debow,

I just wanted to ask . . . " ( De Boing! De Boing! De Boing!) and six more
grasshoppers are released. Pretty soon it's difficult to tell which is the
original insect. And then, as if to add insult to injury while you're
contemplating your dilemma with Mr. Debow, Tyler August sneaks in behind you
and unloads a dumptruck full of crickets, and the political debate becomes .
. . (De Boing! De Boing! Chirp! Chirp! De Boing! De Boing! Chirp! Chirp!).
It doesn't take long to realize that this is as much of an answer as you
will ever get from either one of these guys.

Well, as I watch my flowers and foliage disappear, I can't help but think:
Who is responsible for all this? Then I remember. Assemblyman Tom Lothian
hired these two intellectual insects and is paying them with our tax dollars
to eat my marigolds! It's enough to make your skin crawl.
So come, my fellow taxpayers, let us gather together and take each other's
hands and pray for an invasion of hungry sea gulls and/or a good, hard

Joe Bell

By Keith Reimers: Dirt trackin

The Republican campaign for the 32nd assembly seat slides into turn one.

Tyler August, Walworth County Republican chairperson, bumps Ryan Schroeder.

This move sends the crowd to their feet.

The unannounced, Democrat candidate, Schroeder holds his line in the high groove.

This open up the bottom for Royce K. DeBow (the unannounced Republican candidate?), who attempts to pass Schroeder.

The Green flag hasn't been dropped yet. All this happening, ladies and gentlemen, on the pace lap.
Oh, the humanity.

The cars at the Knoxville Nationals don't sling as much mud as August and DeBow have this early in the race.
The bump and run tactics of the Republican team could damage their equipment beyond repair.

There's a lot of race left, I'm stickin' around for the finish.

Keith Reimers





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