Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Judge Kennedy announces reelection bid

Judge Robert J. Kennedy has announced his intention to seek re-election as Circuit Court Judge in Walworth County.

WillKennedy have any oppostion this time around? In the last election, he facedLake Geneva attorney Henry Sibbing, but now that Sibbing has been named asa court commissioner, he might not be as interested in taking on an incumbentjudge.

Kennedy's announcementnews release quotes Judge Kennedy as saying, "I have enjoyed this most recentterm immensely. The quality and professionalism of the attorneys, especiallyfrom the Walworth County Bar, District Attorney's and Public Defender's officeshas been outstanding.

"I amdeeply grateful to my fellow judges for their collegiality, hard work andmutual support, which have greatly enhanced our service to the public andlitigants who have come before us. I have also been impressed by the steadyimprovement in the news coverage of the courts led by the Janesville andMilwaukee press as well as the fine regional coverage from our local weeklyand bi-weekly papers.

"Itgreatly aids the cause of justice when the public is well informed on eventsin government. I look forward to meeting with the public during the campaignand asking for their renewed vote of confidence."

JudgeKennedy has been an attorney since 1969 and has served as an assistant districtattorney from 1977 to 1985 and as Circuit Court Judge since 1988. He is agraduate of the University of Notre Dame and presently resides with his wifeMarsha in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.


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