Friday, November 11, 2005

By Sheila Van Dan: A DeBow flip-flop?

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Royce DeBow's constant misinformation of the of the facts on recent elections. DeBow seems to have flip-flopped on the issue of how Ryan Schroeder supposedly violated campaign finance laws.

I reference a letter to the editor that appeared in the Walworth County Week on Oct. 23. In that letter, DeBow dishonestly states that Ryan Schroeder, "violated campaign finance laws, using state campaign account money for a local election."

According to the Walworth County Week's Web site under comments to a letter written by Joanne Williams, DeBow now admits that it is legal to use one account to run a state or local campaign. He flip-flops and says Schroeder correctly used only one depository.

Yet, DeBow continues to think a violation took place without saying what that violation might be.
This leads me to believe he must be referring to Schroeder's reelection campaign for city alderman. Is DeBow trying to say that Schroeder did not file a copy of his finance report to the Delavan city clerk?

Perhaps, once again, DeBow does not understand elections laws. Schroeder did not spend over $1,000 to be reelected to the city council. By law, he is not required to submit a financial statement to the city clerk.
As I always do, I did submit a report to the state elections board and the city clerk also has a copy of that report.

I carefully point this out to show that DeBow is the flip-flopper. He also does not investigate the facts before writing half-truths and lies in his letters to the editor.

As DeBow frequently likes to say, "Who has egg on their face now?"

Sheila Van Dan
Ryan Schroeder campaign treasurer

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Anonymous Royce K. DeBow said...

Liberal Democrat Schroeder's treasurer, Sheila Van Dan, seems quite certain that I am wrong with regard to Schroeder violating campaign finance law. If so, then why did the Democrat file a campaign finance report with the City of Delavan approximately seven months after the April election? Because he was supposed to file it at the same time he filed with the State Elections Board, in July. That only makes Democrat Schroeder nealry four months late. Perhaps Ms. Van Dan should call the elections board again and ask whether or not the $1,000 spending limit has anything to do with the requirement to file a duplicate report with the Clerk of Record for the applicable election, in this case, the City of Delavan Clerk. Statutes 11.02, 11.04, 11.09, 11.12 and 11.20 make clear the need for a duplicate filing and make no mention of being exempt when one spends less than $1,000, as Ms. Van Dan has asserted. We know the Schroeder marketing machine never admits mistakes, so don't expect an apology from the Schroeder gang for breaking the law and calling me a liar when I simply pointed it out. They will make some lame excuse, anything but admit fault. The bottom line is that liberal Democrat Ryan Schroeder felt the need to file with the City - albeit months after the filing deadline - when all along his treasurer and supporters have contended that they were in compliance. Now it appears they weren't and quietly filed the report in order to cover their tracks, hoping no one would bother to check.

7:22 PM  

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