Friday, November 25, 2005

By Phillip Sanborn: Pandering to fanatics is no way to win an election

Dear Editor:

I am never sure whether I should be laughing or crying every time I hear another of Pat Robertson's pronouncements on what God has whispered in his ear. Now Pat says the entire city of Dover, Pa. should prepare to be demolished by God since the electorate chose to elect a school board which is against calling "intelligent design," a fancy term for creationism, science.

Add this nonsense to Mr. Robertson's declaration that the president of Venezuela should be assassinated and the State Department should be blown up by an atomic bomb.

It's quite amusing to listen to this nonsense until I think about the fact that this character and the religious right have hijacked the Republican Party. By playing such an important role in funding and helping Republican candidates get elected, they now have enormous influence in deciding this nation's domestic and foreign policies.

This group now has its hands on the levers of power by exerting inordinate influence in the Republican Party.

It's time for reasonable and clear-thinking members of the Republican Party to come to their senses and begin repudiating the extremist and hateful agenda of the religious right before it does real damage to this nation. Pandering to fanatics in order to get elected is a dangerous and potentially disastrous policy. Hopefully the Republican leadership will see this before it is too late.

Philip V. Sanborn


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