Friday, November 04, 2005

By D.J. Duffy: On Libby, Clinton, Shroeder and DeBow

Dear Editor:
I wanted to see what kind of birds were going to come home to roost at the White House before I wrote another letter.

While Scooter Libby might be the only one indicted so far, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell anybody that thinks he isn't going to start singing like a canary about his cohorts in order to save his own neck. The hearings are probably going to be as much fun to watch as the Watergate ones were, and just as devastating.

When the smoke clears, people might start reminiscing in 2006 about how good it felt to buy a gallon of gas for around $1.15 during the Bill Clinton years and decide a stain on a blue dress wasn't that bad after all when they go in to vote, compared to what they just got done seeing. They might think about voting for a congress with the potential to clean up the mess.

If Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2008, she'll be 15 years ahead of the Republican candidate when it comes to healthcare reform. In 1993, it was all a big joke, but since health insurance is going up 15% each and every year, people might listen to solutions that don't promise more of the same.

As for the DeBow rhetoric and bluster, it looks to me like he might be jealous of Ryan Schroeder's ability to consistently win elections for a ward here in Delavan. Schroeder is one of the very few in the area that doesn't have to latch onto somebody else's coattails to further his political stature and I commend him for that. It shows a high degree of leadership and potential for higher office.

D.J. Duffy


Anonymous Royce K. DeBow said...

No suprise that Duffy gives Schroeder a pass and isn't willing to urge the Democrat to face, in public, his critics. We all know what a disaster that would be, considering that Schroeder's communication skills and battles with the English language are well known. I am not jealous of anything, but concerned over Democrat Schroeder and his accomplices' willingness to say and do anything to get him elected to higher office. Again, the invitation is open for Schroeder and some of his gang to confront critics before an audience of the press and public. We are confident they won't accept the challenge for fear of Schroeder's half-truths, fabrications and fraudulent persona being exposed.

12:01 PM  

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