Friday, October 28, 2005

Letters to the editor: online special edition


The snail and e-mail bags have been full the past few weeks with letters deriding and supporting Democrat Ryan Schroeder, a likely candidate for next year's assembly race. Much of the heat has come from Royce DeBow, an aide to Assemblyman Thomas Lothian. DeBow likely has aspirations to run for the post again as well.

Is this a prelude to next falls race? I've pondered some scenarios on "This just in."

Below is this week's correspondence on the debate.

Dan Plutchak
Editor, The Week


Blogger Royce K. DeBow said...

Along with the Week editor Dan Plutchak and some Democrats who scrambled to defend the indefensible liberal Democrat golden boy Ryan Schroeder, the question of my candidacy for State Assembly in 2006 has been broached. Unlike the deceptive Schroeder marketing machine, I will give a direct answer. I am not running for Assembly next year. Too bad we can’t get a straight answer out of those who speak for Schroeder. Come to think of it, why can’t Democrat Schroeder speak for himself? When running in 2004, liberal Schroeder claimed he wanted to be a strong voice for the people. It seems he has laryngitis and only his surrogates can avoid responding to simple questions and issues. Their playbook is the same old, tired version used in every Schroeder for ‘whatever’ campaign. Misdirect, mislead, pretend he’s conservative, and feign utter disbelief when anyone dares to question the chosen one’s rhetoric, motives, public record, or behavior.
The left has no answers and complete fear of publicly confronting the mounting evidence that Schroeder is dishonest and incapable. Consider this an open invitation to meet with Schroeder and his supporters in front of media and the public to present that evidence. They obviously believe they are right and should only be able to gain from such a meeting. Why not welcome the opportunity to discredit Schroeder’s critics? That answer is simple. Whoever is making decisions for liberal Ryan Schroeder won’t risk having him exposed. This is obvious by his lack of participation in defending himself from serious charges. Schroeder’s public and political persona is little more than a fragile house of cards, which has taken them years to build. Too much political capitol has been invested. Their worst nightmare is that the lightest breeze of truth would topple the Democrats’ hope and Schroeder’s chances to be their puppet in Madison.

7:30 PM  

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