Friday, October 28, 2005

By Keith Reimers: Dirt trackin

The Republican campaign for the 32nd assembly seat slides into turn one.

Tyler August, Walworth County Republican chairperson, bumps Ryan Schroeder.

This move sends the crowd to their feet.

The unannounced, Democrat candidate, Schroeder holds his line in the high groove.

This open up the bottom for Royce K. DeBow (the unannounced Republican candidate?), who attempts to pass Schroeder.

The Green flag hasn't been dropped yet. All this happening, ladies and gentlemen, on the pace lap.
Oh, the humanity.

The cars at the Knoxville Nationals don't sling as much mud as August and DeBow have this early in the race.
The bump and run tactics of the Republican team could damage their equipment beyond repair.

There's a lot of race left, I'm stickin' around for the finish.

Keith Reimers


Anonymous Royce K. DeBow said...

Mr. Reimers' playful auto race analogy is just that, playful and without substance. When accussations against a member of the left (Schroeder) are made it's deemed mudslinging. When conservatives are targeted, the charges must be taken seriously, investigated and acted upon. Hypocrites 'til the end, they know maintaining Schroeder's political facade becomes more and more reliant on avoiding any examination of his record, his words, and documents which clealry demonstrate malfeasance. In addition, they wouldn't dare let the liberal hope of southern Walworth County meet with his critics in public before voters and the media. Schroeder's temper, underdeveloped communication skills and battles with the English language make it far too dangerous a proposition.

10:09 AM  

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