Friday, October 28, 2005

By Jo Williams: Take a closer look at campaign finance laws

Dear Dan (Plutchak, editor),

Knowing you and your ethics, I was surprised to see a letter in The Week on Oct. 23 by Royce DeBow saying Ryan Schroeder violated campaign laws.

Specifically, I refer to a phrase in the second paragraph, "violating campaign finance laws, suing state campaign account money for a local election," and the last line, "campaign law violations."
As an aide to the 32nd Assemblyman, DeBow should know that State Statue Chapter 11, (11.10) is very clear in saying that their must be only one depository.

However, (12.05) of the Statutes says, "a violation does not constitute defamation per se." This part of the law was enacted in 1993, the Thompson years, and appears to allow DeBow to stretch the truth. You can find the State Statutes at www.legisl.state.wi.us, go to "Law" and then statutes.

Another good and non-political source of information is the State Elections Board. I've worked with Richard. His phone number is 608-297-7735. I find all the people there most helpful.

Jo Williams,
Formerly with Southern Lakes United Educators Membersheet.


Blogger Royce K. DeBow said...

Joanne Williams is perhaps the top advisor to liberal Democrat Ryan Schroeder's campaign. She fundraises, donates money, and performs a host of other tasks to advance the never-ending candidacy of tax-and-spend liberal Ryan Schroeder who pretends to be conservative while campaigning. Williams misplaced her focus when assuming how I believe Democrat Schroeder broke the law. It isn't that he used money for a local election which was collected and deposited into his state assembly account. That is legal. However, Schroeder fractured other parts of the statutes. Maybe with a little more thought, they can figure it out before the Schroeder campaign is fined or admonished for its wrong doing.

1:22 PM  

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