WEATHER RADAR: Nice this weekend, mostly.

A monk's embrace, and a march for a free Tibet

Animal ICU: Gentle care for wild animals

Fewer builders speculating on spec homes

Suspect in custody in U.P. border killings

Manhunt under way near U.P. border

WEATHER RADAR: Nice. NEWS: McCain in Racine. SPO...

Darien Legion baseball wins state

What happened to Hillmoor?

Construction alert: Highway 14 north of Darien

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Monday, August 04, 2008

WEATHER RADAR: Really hot.

NEWS: NASA finds ice on mars

SPORTS: Packer scrimmage highlights.

CULTURE: Brangelina baby pics coup


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Week Staff,

My wife and I were saddened to read about the ending of publication of the Week. We have thoroughly enjoyed your newspaper since we purchased our home here 7 years ago. Your passion for putting out an interesting and informative paper for the area is clear.

As a son of a retired journalist, I share with many the disappointment of what has happened to the print industry nationwide...uninformed blogs, bad web sites and other poor "news" tools that have taken over are no substitute for committed and earnest journalist.

We will miss our morning coffee and your newspaper.

May the future bring your endeavours deserve it.

Thanks again for all of your hard work...and for a great newspaper.

Troy Thiel, Sugar Creek

7:30 AM  

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