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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Next time, remember to bring your own water

Three parched workers from Walworth County in search of a cold drink are now in hot water after allegedly moving a water cooler closer to their work area in the federal courthouse in Chicago.

Russell Kozbiel, 41, of Elkhorn. Wis.; Greg Ingersoll, 40, of Elkhorn, Wis.; and his brother, Jeffrey, 42, of Lake Geneva, Wis. were arrested and charged with stealing or purloining government property, a misdemeanor, according to a story in the Sun Times.

Story HERE.


Blogger djflawless said...

Do we really need to arrest people for something so trivial. We just waste more and more tax payer dollars for what? To make sure nobody moves the water. Way to go guys I feel so much safer now that I no that water is going to be on that floor when I get there!

5:00 AM  

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