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Friday, July 25, 2008

Elkhorn coach who led write-in campaign fired

Elkhorn Area School District Administrator Greg Wescott and Athletic Director Dean Wilson are on the hot seat following the decision to get rid of long-time middle school football coach Steve Hensel.

The buzz in town is that Hensel was canned because he led a write-in campaign against school board incumbents Dr. Edward Carlson and Dave Ketchpaw in the last election.

For his part, Wescott says the decision to remove Hensel wasn't politically motivated.

In her front page story in this week's Elkhorn Independent, Maureen Mayrand quotes Wescott as saying "I told (Wilson) I wasn't sure if (Hensel) is an appropriate role model for out students."

Mayrand's story includes a detailed account of the background of the story.

Now, radio talker Charlie Sykes has fanned the flames even higher on his 620 AM WTMJ radio show after airing the voicemail in which Wilson tells Hensel he won't be coming back.

Audio is HERE. Sykes story is HERE.

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