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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Love rocks: A Valentine's Day mystery

Nestled along the side of Snake Road near Lake Geneva (map) are mysterious expressions of love.

Over the past several years, hearts of all shapes and sizes--some painted on rocks, others adorning the sides of trees--have appeared along the roadside.

When traveling east from North Lakeshore Drive, the first hearts can be spotted where the road takes the first bend to the left.

They're plentiful until the road reaches the subdivisions farther east, according to The Week's staff photographer, Terry Mayer, who has been photographing them off and on since the summer.

Although some who travel the area are familiar with the hearts, no one seems to know their origin. Many have been there for quite some time, while others appear to be new.

Do you have the answer to this romantic mystery?

Post your answers here

~Dan Plutchak, editor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know the answer. I'm a runner and have enjoyed the hills and scenery of Snake Road for years. The last couple of years I have noticed the rocks adoring the shoulder on both sides of the road. My imagination has all kinds of stories about what's behind them. As lovely as they are, I would love to know the true story!! I was so excited to see this mystery exposed in the paper. Finally we can get to the bottom of this romantic quandry! However, I hope this spotlight doesn't shy away the mystery romantic from decoring this scenic route! So in one way I wonder if this mystery would be better unsolved...but, my own curiosity is too weighty to wait!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Gerry Dexter, Lake Geneva said...

Snake Road is one of my regular walk routes. I have played this game of hearts for 3-4 years now, watching for them as I walked (I've counted as many as three dozen during a round trip.)
I don't think I want to know the identity of the heart person - it's more fun keeping the mystery alive and imagining that, one day, I'll spot the person in the act of placing a heart stone or drawing
one on the road.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous RS said...

The people in this area are very blessed to have such a scenic, romantic place to walk as Snake Road. The hearts were placed there with a great deal of love. Maybe when a man walks or jogs the road, he will be reminded of the special lady in his life and the next time he sees her, he'll remember to tell her how much she means to him. A lady may see the hearts and feel they are there just for her. A couple walking may see this road as their own special love path. Snake Road is a truly magical place and we thank the people who live along the way for their beautiful flower beds and waterfalls that make it even more of a joy to behold.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Tom Peck said...


As a resident living on Snake Road I have come in contact with, over the past few years, a couple that walks Snake Rd. quite a few times a week. They are either hand in hand or picking up debris as they walk.

They see me and they will wave or say "good morning", always being very friendly.

I began to notice the painted hearts in early summer 2006. I drove Snake Rd. with my two grandchildren, Shelby and Thomas Peck, counting the hearts which are on trees, rocks, and large leaves. Wecounted over 90 from one end of Snake Rd. to the other.

Back to the friendly walkers.

One morning I stopped to say good morning and ask about the hearts. I asked if they had seen the hearts and the gentleman answered "no" as a coy smile appeared on the womans face.

At that moment I think I found out who is painting hearts on Snake Rd. It would be almost impossible for these two to walk the road as often as they do without noticing the hearts.

5:57 PM  

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