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Friday, November 10, 2006

How can Whitewater bridge the divide?

When Whitewater police, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, raided Star Packaging on Aug. 8, it left a Hispanic community wondering if local authorities had more in mind than preserving the peace.

As reporter Mike Heine found out while investigating the raid and its aftermath, there are different perceptions in the community of the outcome.

Heine's four-part report, Broken trust, investigated:

--How the raid led to suspicion in the Hispanic Community

--How police have stood by their actions and how they say they've been misinterpreted

--The lure of immigration and its effects

--How identity theft led to the investigation

Latinos are increasingly suspicious of local police, community leaders say. On the other had, outreach efforts that police had been undertaking long before the raid have taken a step backward.

Both groups are searching for ways to bridge the divide, but it will certainly take time.


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