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Friday, March 10, 2006

The mayor's race-what do you think?


It's been quite a while since the three cities in Walworth County that have mayors have all had contested races.

This year, voters in Lake Geneva, Delavan and Elkhorn have the opportunity to stay the course or move in a new direction.

In Delavan Incumbent Mel Nieuwenhuis faces opposition from Ron Siedelmann and Ellen Reddy, both current city council members.

In Elkhorn Incumbent Mike Roberts faces opposition from former police chief John Giese.

In Lake Geneva, Mayor Sheldon Shepstone will face former aldermanWesley "Pete" Peterson.

We encourage dialogue, input and feedback on these and the other races in Walworth County.

We will run election letters in the Sunday Week through March 26.

Letters of fewer than 300 words have the best chance of running un-edited.

Partisan letters on the subject of elections or candidates will not be published in the edition prior to an election.

We'll also run the letters online at with the opportunity to reply to the posts.

Send letters via e-mail to

Please include a daytime phone number so we can verify the identity of the writer.

~Dan Plutchak, editor


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