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Monday, January 23, 2006

By Dagmar Knorr: Debate continues

To the Editor;

Dani Maculan, Walworth County’s director of Health and Human Services (HHS), claims that the press and the county board have been unfair.

The press has been more than fair to Maculan, and the majority of the board supports her rather than the well-respected, long-time employees, Walworth County residents and taxpayers who left HHS.

On Tuesday night, Jan. 10, citizens filled the chambers and overflow rooms. In spite of this crowd, letters, phone calls and 20 eloquent speakers, the board passed an amendment, 22-3 (Joe Guido, Joyce Ketchpaw and Randy Hawkins) to fully support County Administrator David Bretl and all department heads. Chairperson Ann Lohrmann made an appeal to the board to vote this way, saying that the board should not “micro-manage” departments.

She also questioned why citizens did not come forward to question the budget.
I question why so few board members listened before now.

In Walworth County the message is clear: Bretl decides what sort of a county we want. The board’s job is affirming Bretl’s decisions. If this is the case, I question spending (about) $150,000 a year to pay county supervisors on top of the extravagant salary and benefit package they pay Bretl.

Most of the supervisors—including Lohrmann—are running unopposed in April.

Anyone can run as a write-in. Supervisors can also be recalled after the election. The position taken Tuesday by all but Guido, Ketchpaw and Hawkins tells me that for most being a supervisor will be an easy job.

Listen to Bretl, vote yes and get a check for $500 a month—$1,000 if you get Lohrmann’s job.

In spite of “painful” budget decisions, most of the supervisors had no trouble voting yes for this pay raise.

Dagmar Knorr


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