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Friday, December 23, 2005

Covering the Health and Human Services controversy

It's not uncommon to receive a complaint about how county government is working, In most cases, however, the issue never has a wide enough impact to elevate it to news stories.

The current controversy involving changes at the Walworth County Health and Human Services Department is the exception.

Reporter Mike Heine has been covering the dispute over the last few weeks with stories on the changes, resignations and the story in this week's Week on the psychiatrist who slipped through the screening cracks.

What's yet to be determined is if the changes are an effective response to taxpayer demands for a fiscally responsible goverment, or if the plan is faulty and can't deliver as promised.

The jury on that remains out.

In the mean time, we received the following letter after our original story ran from the former program manager of Mental Health and AODA.

Dan Plutchak, editor, The Week


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