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Friday, October 21, 2005

The favorites of Autumn

Sometimes the best ideas come from having no ideas at all. That's where this week's cover story came from.

Each Thursday we have a story meeting to brainstorm ideas for upcoming issues. A few weeks back, things were grinding to a halt and the conversation began to wander to unrelated topics.

Someone mentioned that they had seen a few trees that were beginning to turn color, and as we were just about to lament the end of summer, voila. How about a story on each of our favorite places in Walworth County to view fall colors?

Walworth County is blessed with a tremendous diversity of landscapes, so coming up with just one was nearly impossible.

My first thought was one of my favorite places in Walworth County, Mounds Park on the east side of Whitewater. The park is home to a variety of native American effigy mounds, some going back nearly 2,000 years. You could say it was the first permanent development in Walworth County (and we've been debating the issue ever since).

As of last week, the colors were just beginning to turn, and the ancient oaks that guard the mounds should provide a splendid canopy at their peak.

But for fall colors, my favorite came down to a small stretch of Bowers Road where it intersects with Kniep Road. On Tuesday morning it was a glorious cathedral of golds and reds.

My short list of candidates for favorite fall color viewing spots includes:

-- Any golf course in Walworth County. Who else spends that much time maintaining their natural beauty?

-- Highway P and Kettle Moraine Drive where it heads into the state park.

-- Racine Street in Delavan from downtown east to Wright Street.

-- The view toward Highway 12 from Valley View and Lookout Valley farms on Springfield Road.

I suspect we've missed quite a few good lookout spots, so if you have a location to nominate, please e-mail a jpeg photo along with a location to and we'll include them online or on our Anything Page.


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